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Israeli Government Approves Budget Cuts to Fund Healthcare for Ukrainian Refugees Until End of 2023

Israel’s government approved budget cuts on Tuesday across all its ministries for the year of 2023 to fund the extension of health coverage for Ukrainian refugees until the end of the year. This decision follows a suspension of health coverage by the government on August 9th for 14,000 Ukrainian refugees living in Israel resulting in […]

29.08.2023, Haaretz

How Israel Turned Its Back on a Refugee From Ukraine When She Was Diagnosed With Cancer

16.08.2023, Haaretz

Israel Is Failing Ukrainian Refugees

13.08.2023, Haaretz

Israel’s Suspension of Medical Coverage for Ukrainian Refugees Hurts the Most Vulnerable

10.08.2023, Haaretz

The Refugee Rights Forum – an Urgent call regading health services for Ukrainian Refugees in Israel


Israel does not fulfill its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities when Refugees and Asylum Seekers with Disabilities are concerned – Status Report – August 2023

August 2023, Orly Levinson-Sela, Public Advocacy Director, ASSAF

Supplementary Alternative Report: Reference to State Party Replies to the List of Issues & Updates Submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – 2023


The Forum of Refugee Rights Organizations in Israel – June 2023 report

The Forum of Refugee Rights Organizations in Israel – June 2023 Report June 2023 report For almost two decades, approximately 25,000 refugees from Africa have been living in Israel. Most of them are Eritreans and Sudanese, with a minority of them coming from the Congo and the Tigray region in Ethiopia. During the last year […]


Asylum Seekers’ Health Insurance Program at Risk as Israeli Providers Back Out

The deadline for Israeli health insurance providers to bid on a government contract to provide coverage for asylum seekers expired last week without a single bidder vying for the contract, putting the entire program in jeopardy. Although the deadline for bidding on the tender expired last week, it was issued just before the November 1 election by […]

17.06.2023, Haaretz

Foreign Minister Considers Plan for Asylum Seekers to Leave Israel in Return for Professional Training

12.06.2023, Haaretz

Education Ministry Tries to Create Program to Prepare Asylum Seekers’ Children for Life Abroad, Not Israel

08.06.2023, Haaretz

ASSAF Activity Report 2022


A Year Into The War In Ukraine


A year on, Ukrainian refugees in Israel getting ‘inadequate’ aid — rights group

20.02.2023, TImes Of Israel

A year on, Ukrainian refugees in Israel getting ‘inadequate’ aid — rights group

20.02.2023, TImes of israel

One year into the war, Israel is still withholding adequate health and welfare services from Ukrainian refugees – Position paper on the situation of Ukrainian refugees after one year in Israel

February 2023, Orly Levinson-Sela, Public Advocacy Director, ASSAF

Israel Hampering Ukrainians From Leading a Dignified Life, UN Envoy for Refugees in Israel Tells Haaretz

19.02.2023, Haaretz

Harming Refugees Endangers Democracy and Harming Democracy Endangers Refugees

January 2023, Dr. Shani Bar-Tuvia, Refugee Rights Forum

Refugees from Africa: Situation Report 2022

Refugees from Africa: Situation Report 2022  


“Israel is not a refugee accepting country”: NGO briefing on asylum seekers

NGOs Briefing on Asylum Seekers in Israel Demographics & legal status African asylum seekers: 20,000 Eritrean nationals and 4,000 Sudanese nationals are living in Israel for more than a decade and hold “conditional release permits” (2A5 visa). Following a 2021 Supreme Court decision, some 2000 Darfuris received temporary resident permits that require renewal every six […]


“We know how to act even when the political situation is hostile and make a change for the better”



November 2022

Female Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel – Vulnerable to Exploitation, Harm, Solicitation for Prostitution and Human Trafficking

September 2022

The Minister of Interior, Ayelet Shaked, has announced a new policy that bans the employment of asylum seekers


Electric bicycle and scooter theory test for holders of “2A5” visa


“They tell a person to leave, but he has nowhere to go”: The ban on employment of asylum seekers in 17 cities


Asylum Seekers from Africa: Situation Report June 2022


Being the Child of Asylum Seekers in Israel ‘Hurts Every Day’

10.07.2022, Haaretz

Israel decided to limit refugee employment. Why should we care? – opinion

06.07.2022, The Jerusalem Post

Israel Bars Asylum Seekers From Most Jobs in Major Cities

30.06.2022, Haaretz

Israel’s Policy on Asylum Seekers Is ‘Unsustainable’, UN Representative Charges

19.06.2022, Haaretz

Israel Lifted Protections for Congolese Asylum Seekers Without Consulting Foreign Ministry

24.05.2022, Haaretz

Court Blocks Lifting of Israel’s Deportation Ban on Congolese Asylum Seekers

10.05.2022, Haaretz

Most Aid Requests by Ukrainian Refugees in Israel Are for Food, but Funding Relies on Civil Society

17.04.2022, Haaretz

Israeli Minister Lifts Blanket Ban on Expelling Congolese Asylum Seekers

07.04.2022, Haaretz

While Israel Plans to Offer Medical Coverage for Elderly Ukrainians, Asylum Seekers Still Need to Wait

03.04.2022, Haaretz

The Refugee Rights Forum in Israel join the public outcry calling for a change in policy concerning refugees from Ukraine


Denied asylum in Israel, Eritreans are welcomed by Canadian Jews

21.01.2022, Christian Science Monitor

‘Breaking the ghettos’: The struggle to desegregate Tel Aviv’s schools

16.01.2022, +972 Mag

Israel Rejected 98.5 Percent of Eritrean Asylum Requests Over Two Years

05.01.2022, Haaretz

Education Ministry Comes Out Against Mixing Refugee and Israeli Kids in Schools

19.12.2021, Haaretz

Israel Approves Millions for Day Care for Asylum Seekers’ Children

12.12.2021, Haaretz

Law Letting Israel Impose Restrictions on Asylum Seekers Expires, in Win for Left-wing Ministers

08.12.2021, Haaretz

Israel Likely to Delay Court Order to Grant Temporary Residency to 2,440 Sudanese Asylum Seekers

07.12.2021, Haaretz

‘Now I feed my children every night’: asylum seekers in Tel Aviv turning to food bank

07.11.2021, The National News

Israel to Reconsider Refused Tigrayan Asylum Pleas

07.11.2021, Haaretz

Interior Minister Pushes for Separation of Asylum Seekers’ Children From Israelis in Tel Aviv Schools

31.10.2021, Haaretz

No status, no future: The life of a child asylum seeker in Israel

27.10.2021, Al Jazeera

Israeli Health Ministry’s Bureaucratic Errors Stymie Asylum Seekers’ Bid for Green Pass

19.10.2021, Haaretz

Editorial | In Denying Healthcare to Asylum Seekers, Shaked Hits a New Low

17.10.2021, Haaretz

State Can Bar Asylum Seekers From Working in Some Cities, Israel’s Top Court Rules

01.10.2021, Haaretz

Opinion | Israel’s Interior Minister Knows She Can’t Deport the Asylum Seekers

09.07.2021, Haaretz

Israel downgraded in State Department human trafficking report

02.07.2021, The Times of Israel

Israel Was Asked to Reexamine 3,000 Asylum Requests This Year. It Granted One

21.06.2021, Haaretz

Israeli Ministry Refuses to Help Asylum Seekers Retrieve Money Stolen by Employers

25.10.2020, Haaretz

Israel’s High Court Blasts Law Requiring Asylum Seekers to Deposit 20% of Wages

08.05.2019, Haaretz