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‘Now I feed my children every night’: asylum seekers in Tel Aviv turning to food bank

In south Tel Aviv, asylum seekers who have lived in Israel for years are turning to a food bank for help after being hit hard by the pandemic. “Since this food support is available, I’m not starving,” said one Eritrean woman, 30, as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I don’t have family here, I’m supporting […]

07.11.2021, The National News

Israel to Reconsider Refused Tigrayan Asylum Pleas

07.11.2021, Haaretz

Interior Minister Pushes for Separation of Asylum Seekers’ Children From Israelis in Tel Aviv Schools

31.10.2021, Haaretz

No status, no future: The life of a child asylum seeker in Israel

27.10.2021, Al Jazeera

Israeli Health Ministry’s Bureaucratic Errors Stymie Asylum Seekers’ Bid for Green Pass

19.10.2021, Haaretz

Editorial | In Denying Healthcare to Asylum Seekers, Shaked Hits a New Low

17.10.2021, Haaretz

State Can Bar Asylum Seekers From Working in Some Cities, Israel’s Top Court Rules

01.10.2021, Haaretz

Opinion | Israel’s Interior Minister Knows She Can’t Deport the Asylum Seekers

When Ayelet Shaked became interior minister, she used xenophobic terminology to declare she would act to return asylum seekers to their countries of origin and encourage their “voluntary return” to a third country. Like other politicians, Shaked realized there was political capital to be made on the backs of the most vulnerable people in Israeli […]

09.07.2021, Haaretz

Israel downgraded in State Department human trafficking report

Israel was downgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in a report on human trafficking released by the US State Department on Thursday. According to the report, the decision was made since Israel did not “meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making significant efforts to do so.” “The government [of […]

02.07.2021, The Times of Israel

Israel Was Asked to Reexamine 3,000 Asylum Requests This Year. It Granted One

21.06.2021, Haaretz

Israeli Ministry Refuses to Help Asylum Seekers Retrieve Money Stolen by Employers

25.10.2020, Haaretz

Israel’s High Court Blasts Law Requiring Asylum Seekers to Deposit 20% of Wages

08.05.2019, Haaretz