Electric bicycle and scooter theory test for holders of “2A5” visa



Electric bicycle and scooter theory test for holders of “2A5” visa – Tigrinya, Hebrew, Arabic, English

Starting in June 2022, anyone who holds a 2A5 visa can take a “theory” test (theoretical driving test) to get a license to drive electric bicycles and scooters (electric scooters). Those who successfully pass the test will receive a license to drive electric bicycles and scooters.

Please note: it is forbidden to drive an electric bicycle or a scooter without having a license for it. You have probably heard of friends who received fines because they drove without a license.

What do you need to do to take the theory test?

  1. First, you need to go to one of the licensing branches throughout the country (no need to make an appointment in advance), and present a valid passport or a valid original visa of the Population and Immigration Authority. At the licensing office you will receive a special ID number (starting with the digits 89). This service is available at all licensing branches throughout the country, except for the following branches: Beit She’an, Tzfat, Yokneam, Dalyat Al Carmel, Kiryat Arba, Ariel, Ofakim and Rahat.
  2. After receiving the special identification number (89), you need to fill out an online form for issuing a driver’s license and enter the number you received in the “ID number” field.
  3. After filling out the online form, you need to go to one of the “photo booths” with an ID card (passport or a valid visa on an original page of the Population and Immigration Authority), take a photo and pass an eye test. You must bring the document that includes the ID number you received at the licensing office with you to the “photo booth”.
  4. After that, you will receive a text message (message to your phone) confirming you might proceed in the process and coordinate a . At the moment the test is written, in Hebrew, Arabic or English only. We are working on opening the possibility to take an exam in Tigrinya in writing and/or an oral exam in Hebrew.
  5. After successfully passing the test, you will receive a written confirmation that you have passed the theory test.

*** The instructions published by the Ministry of Transportation are available online, on the general page dealing with driving licenses (https://www.gov.il/he/service/apply_for_new_driver_drivers_license ) > Theory test (theory) > Theory test for electric bicycles or scooters for visa holders according to section S2A5 .

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