Many of our activities are carried out by our dedicated group of volunteers.
Volunteering at ASSAF is both challenging and rewarding - and we expect our volunteers to be committed to the issues of asylum seekers in Israel.

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How Can I volunteer?

Advocacy and Support Center

Our Advocacy and Support Center provides aid to individuals and families who came to Israel seeking asylum, and now find themselves in highly complex social situations. We hold reception hours twice a week – which are operated by volunteers, overseen by mediators from within the asylum-seeker community.

The volunteers, alongside the community mediators, work with the seekers who come to reception hours in order to provide answers and detect solutions to their problems and needs. These solutions can be found within the framework of ASSAF’s aid projects, as well as in other partner organizations. Issues that cannot be solved within the center’s reception hours are followed up by a team of volunteers who handle the complicated cases until they are resolved.

Volunteering takes place on Sundays or Tuesdays, between 15:30 and 20:30, and includes evening workshops once a month. Suitable for volunteers who are at least 24 years old, and can commit for at least a year.


Youth Club

The ASSAF youth club operates twice a week during the evening, and aims to provide a safe and warm environment for children of asylum seekers, a social meeting spot and a community hub.

Volunteering – requires good personal and social skills. Alongside general guidance volunteers, we are also looking for volunteers to cook meals, or to run workshop and activities.

Volunteering takes place on Mondays or Wednesdays, between 19:00 and 22:00, and includes evening workshops once a month. Suitable for volunteers who are at least 24 years old, and can commit for at least a year.


Psychosocial Aid and Support

We operate a Psychosocial Aid and Support center, which includes emotional support for applicants, group sessions, one on one interviews, and social reports.

We are looking for suitable volunteer from the treatment and social work worlds, who have the proper experience and are looking to commit long term.


Public Advocacy Division

Our public advocacy division works to challenge and change public policies and to further the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel.

We are always looking for volunteers in various fields, such as translations, writing, editing and proof reading, photography and graphic design.


Organizational Volunterring

Interested in a one-time volunteering experience with a  group or through your organization?

Once in a while we have one-time needs that require groups of volunteers – and we’d love to have your help!

Please fill out your info and our department of volunteering will get back to you


Please keep in mind that most of the volunteer work at ASSAF is long-term and we can not promise to accept all groups to volunteer – our apologies in advance

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I'm continuously struck by their resilience; how strong they are to continue fighting every day for the living conditions they deserve as human beings. Usually, the seekers we meet with know what they need, but may not be able to get it so easily, if at all. A big part of my role as a volunteer, beyond connecting them with resources and answering practical questions, is to affirm their humanity and inner wisdom.

Ruthie, a volunteer at ASSAF