About Us

Every refugee has the right to live in safety and dignity. We work with state authorities and other organizations to advance the rights of asylum seekers in Israel, and support these men, women, and children through a wide range of assistance programs.

Our Vision

"But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself"

Leviticus 19:34

ASSAF (Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel) is an Israeli NGO supported by donations from individuals and foundations and by volunteers who strive for an Israel that provides proper and fair treatment to the men, women, and children who fled from dangers in their homelands, seeking protection.

Asylum seekers in Israel have a right to live in security, dignity, inclusion and equality, according to the basic principles of Israeli and international law. Due to a long-standing, relentless government policy that refuses to allow asylum seekers to establish a home in Israel, we present an alternative:  Anyone who Israel recognizes is in danger in his homeland deserves access to health and welfare services, equal education, the opportunity to work and support himself and his family, as well as equal treatment by the authorities. Anyone who has been in Israel for many years due to danger in his homeland deserves to be able to find shelter and a home in Israel.

We support policies that advances human and refugee rights, and produce positive and sustainable change by working with state authorities, courts and the Israeli public. We also provide the asylum seeking community with direct assistance through our Advocacy and Support Center, which is open to all asylum seekers in Israel, providing psychosocial services, helping the most vulnerable asylum seekers – minors, survivors of torture, the sick, people with disabilities, single parents and vulnerable women.

If you believe in the responsibility of Israeli society towards refugees, if you want to oppose incitement, if the moral character of the country is important to you, we invite you to join us and support our activities.

Our Work

Public Advocacy

We work with government ministries, the Knesset and municipal authorities to promote the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. We publish research documenting the plight of the asylum seeking community and publish proposals and research that promote appropriate solutions and responses. We build partnerships, and work in social media and the public sphere to create a dialogue that promotes the importance of dignity and security for asylum seekers.

Psychosocial Care

We provide direct assistance to the asylum seeking community, especially to the most vulnerable groups within this community. We support asylum seekers through their daily lives, work to apply their rights and make relevant information accessible to them. We run an Advocacy and Support Center and a Youth Club, and assist asylum seekers individually and in groups. We work with and for asylum seekers from a place of awareness and respect for their culture and life experience as an integral part of the process.

Meet the Team

Tali Ehrental Executive Director

From the Director

“As the daughter of Holocaust survivors who lost loved ones and lived as refugees for many years, I always saw the importance of supporting people who experienced loss and displacement in difficult conditions and found themselves in a foreign country, without help from the authorities. This is the reason I chose to combine my profession as a social worker with my passion to help asylum seekers.

I am proud to lead ASSAF, an organization working on behalf of people who fled dictatorships, genocide, and wars - women and men who were persecuted, imprisoned, abducted, and severely tortured in their homeland and during their journey to find shelter. I am proud to lead the dedicated and professional team of an organization that works tirelessly for the welfare and rights of asylum seekers in Israel, where the good within Israeli society is so visible.”

Tali was appointed as Director of ASSAF in 2019, following 6 years as Director of the Psychosocial Department. Tali holds a bachelor's degree in communal social work, a master's degree in social work specializing in trauma, and a master's degree in criminology from the Hebrew University. She has worked and volunteered in the social sector since 2005 and has managed various projects for young men and women at risk, trauma victims, refugees and asylum seekers.

Miriam Meyer Psychosocial Department Director

Adi Drori-Avraham Public Advocacy Director

Emma Eytan Resource Development Director

Daniela Fields Volunteer Manager

Solomon Gebreyohan Co-director of Advocacy and Support Center, Translator and Community Mediator

Yael Federman Co-director of Advocacy and Support Center - Follow Up

Nitsan Feldstein Youth Manager

Eli Amon Youth Club Coordinator and Office Maintenance

Orly Levinson-Sela Public Advocacy Coordinator

Tomer Shore New-Media Coordinator

Tal Harari Community Engagement and Resource Development Manager

Eden Tesfamariam Translator and Community Mediator

Shani Bar- Tuvia Lobbyist

Michal Shechter Social Worker, Coordinator of support program for Torture survivors

Marina Sharabany Psychologist, Coordinator of Support Program for Refugees with Disabilities

Hailemariam Hailu Translator and Community Mediator

Avigail Pinto Social Worker, Coordinator of Support Program for Vulnerable Refugees

Aster Nuguse Sium Translator and Community Mediator

Hila Douvdevani Office Manager

Nur Shodzik-Patishi Social Service

Board Members

MSW Roee Metzer (Chairman)

Adv. Lea Miller-Forshtat

Jordan Rosenberg

Tali Kaminer

Prof. Jerome Bourdon

Adv. Orit Ronen

Audit Committee

Dror Polak

Zvi Tropp


Many of our activities are made possible thanks to our dedicated and talented team of volunteers. For this reason, we consider it very important to provide professional and personal guidance to our volunteers. Each volunteer at ASSAF receives training, assistance, and guidance before and during the volunteering, in each of our projects. If you too want to join to fight for rights, recognition and status for the asylum seeker community in Israel - join us!

ASSAF (Registered Association 580474955) is a non-profit organization, and as such – we need help and support to continue our activities. We invite you to participate, to contribute to ASSAF, and to assist the refugee and asylum seekers community in Israel.

Contact us

Golomb 52, Tel Aviv, Postal code 6617141
phone 072-2513838, fax 072-2513837
[email protected]

    Golomb 52, Tel Aviv, Postal code 6617141
    phone 072-2513838, fax 072-2513837
    [email protected]