Vulnerable Refugees Project

The Vulnerable Refugees Project is designed to help those most vulnerable among the asylum seeker community, that do not belong to other psychosocial projects run by ASSAF. This includes:

  • Women and families who are victims of domestic violence
  • Single mothers with no support from the community or from welfare services
  • Asylum seekers suffering from chronic diseases and therefore unable to work
  • Elderly asylum seekers who are unable to work
  • Women in prostitution
  • Asylum seekers from the LGBTQ community

What we do at ASSAF


Alongside activities promoting welfare and health services for vulnerable asylum seekers, we provide them with direct assistance:

  • One-on-one assistance from a social worker and community mediator – which includes individual support and counselling, advocacy and assistance accessing rights, work with family, friends, and the community, interfacing with institutions, social and government bodies, campaigning for resources and support from the public, and more.
  • Therapeutic support groups for people with disabilities – regular group meetings are held, led by a social worker and community mediator for empowerment, strengthening psychological resilience, and acquiring tools for dealing with the participants complicated situation.
  • Humanitarian aid – food, clothing, financial support ,diapers and baby supplies – all based on donations.

The project aims to help the participants deal with the difficult reality in Israel, reduce their distress, strengthen their psychological resilience, and provide skills to cope.