Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

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Voices of ASSAF - Annual Report for 2016
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Our Appeal Calling for the Registration of Refugees’ Children to Kindergartens
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Assaf Supports Victims of Trafficking & Torture
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Our New Youth center is open!
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Our Report: Israel's "Voluntary Return" procedure for asylum-seekers


ASSAF was founded in 2007 in order to aid refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. Our aim is to promote the rights of refugees in their encounters with the state authorities. This includes providing advocacy and support to those in need: thousands of men, women and children who are conducting a daily struggle to overcome memories of the traumatic experiences they have escaped, and who are living in Israel without status or access to basic human rights.

Media updates

Refugees in Israel

Useful Information Leaflets

45,711 refugees and asylum seekers live in Israel as of April 2015, of which 92% are from Eritrea or Sudan. They were forced to leave their homes and their countries to seek asylum in Israel due to persecution, civil wars, genocide and other horrors
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Psychosocial Support

Advocacy and Support Center


ASSAF's psycho-social aid is based on a holistic outlook which covers various diverse aspects of the lives of asylum-seekers : social, emotional, community-based and humanitarian.
Assaf's Advocacy and Support Center serves asylum-seekers who come to talk about the problems they encounter, develop a sense of belonging and receive support and information.
The youth club is a perennial project which aims to provide a solution for 14-19 year-olds from the refugee community. It`s open 2 evenings a week and offers a supportive and safe atmosphere.
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