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In religious Bnei Brak, Haredim show compassion for African asylum seekers

Date: 27.5.18 Source: The times of Israel, Melanie Lidman

The African asylum seeker issue may have faded from the headlines since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled forced deportations last month, but hundreds are

‘Remember You Were Strangers’: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Step in to Help Asylum Seekers in Israel

Date: 16.4.18 Source: Haaretz, Allison Kaplan Sommer

For months, Faigy Lifshitz parked her car at the supermarket near her Bnei Brak home, completely unaware that, just steps away, thousands of African asylum seekers stood for hours in the sun and rain to apply for refugee status or obtain work visas.

60 Refugee law experts against Israel's plan to deport asylum seekers

Date: 10.4.18 Source: Jerusalem Post, JTA

ASHINGTON — Sixty experts in refugee law from the United States, Canada, and Europe urged Israel’s attorney general to stop the government from deporting some 38,000 African asylum seekers in the country, saying that carrying out the plans would violate international law.

Protests against Israel's asylum seeker deportations to occur at Uganda embassies around the world

Date: 8.4.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Demonstrators are set to protest Monday at Ugandan embassies worldwide to demand that the African nation refuse to cooperate with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to deport tens of thousands of asylum seekers from Israel. 

25,000 Rally against deportation of migrants in Tel Aviv's Rabin square

Date: 24.3.18 Source: Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Post staff

About 25,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday night to protest against a government plan to deport African migrants.

25,000 Protest in Tel Aviv Against Israel's Asylum Seeker Deportation Plan

Date: 24.3.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Some 25,000 people participated in a rally against the deportation African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv’s Rabin on Saturday evening.

Anti-deportation activists report increasingly violent, threatening messages

Date: 24.3.18 Source: The times of Israel, TOI staff

Hours ahead of a Saturday rally against the deportation of African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv, its organizers said they have been the targets of an increasingly vicious hate campaign online.

Settler leader: Don't deport African asylum seekers

Date: 22.3.18 Source: Jerusalem Post, Jeremy Sharon

The chief rabbi of Ofra in Samaria, Rabbi Avi Gisser, has spoken out against the government’s plans to deport asylum-seekers from Sudan and Eritrea, saying their safety and basic welfare must be guaranteed.

'Ye know the heart of a foreigner': Orthodox rabbis speak against expulsion

Date: 21.3.18 Source: ynet, Meital R. Fishman

Many voices were raised in the past few months to speak out against the impending expulsion of African asylum seekers, running the gamut from 

Israeli children protest against deportation of illegal African migrants

Date: 16.3.18 Source: JOL, Valerie Berkley

On Friday, hundreds of Israeli children protested in Tel Aviv against the deportation of illegal African migrants. The children marched alongside asylum seekers and illegal African migrants in solidarity.


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