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Israeli Interior Minister Confirms Israel Has Renewed Contacts With UN Over Asylum-seeker Deal

Date: 10.5.18 Source: Haaretz, Jonathan Lis and Lee Yaron

The government is in contact with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in an attempt to reach a new agreement on the status and departure African asylum seekers in Israel, Interior Minister Arye Dery told the State Control Committee on Wednesday morning.

Israel approved 0.09% of asylum requests over past nine years

Date: 9.5.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

State Comptroller Joseph Shapira harshly criticized Israel’s handling of asylum requests in his annual report Tuesday, noting that since 2009 only 52 of the 55,433 requests submitted had been granted.

Despite No Deal With African Countries, Israel Still Tells Asylum Seekers to Leave for Uganda or Rwanda

Date: 17.4.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

A special envoy to Uganda returned Sunday night without signing an agreement to deport asylum seekers there, Israel informed the High Court of Justice on Monday.

‘Remember You Were Strangers’: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Step in to Help Asylum Seekers in Israel

Date: 16.4.18 Source: Haaretz, Allison Kaplan Sommer

For months, Faigy Lifshitz parked her car at the supermarket near her Bnei Brak home, completely unaware that, just steps away, thousands of African asylum seekers stood for hours in the sun and rain to apply for refugee status or obtain work visas.

All remaining asylum seekers released from Saharonim Prison

Date: 15.4.18 Source: ynet, Amir Alon

The Population and Immigration Authority released Sunday all 207 African asylum seekers who have been imprisoned in the Saharonim Prison in line with a High Court of Justice ruling from last week.

Uganda says Israel gives deported asylum seekers fake visas

Date: 13.4.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Uganda says its supposedly official documents that Israel gives departing asylum seekers are “complete fakes.” The Population, Immigration and Border Authority issues deportees documents bearing the Ugandan Interior Ministry insignia.

Bounty Hunters Needed

Date: 14.1.18 Source: Haaretz, Haaretz Editorial

Last week, the Population, Immigration and Border Authority announced that it was recruiting 140 new workers, including 100 immigration inspectors to deport asylum seekers in an operation which also began last week.


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