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How Israel Tried to Dump African Refugees in Blood-drenched Dictatorships

Date: 25.12.20 Source: Haaretz, Gidi Weitz and Hilo Glazer

During the course of 2017, a series of explosive letters landed in the Defense Ministry. They were sent by Amnon Zichroni, one of Israel’s top lawyers, who has since died. The texts were polite, matter-of-fact.

The Kafkaesque World of Sudanese Refugees in Israel

Date: 10.12.20 Source: Foreign Policy, Isma'il Kushkush

On Oct. 23, U.S. President Donald Trump announced from his office in the White House a normalization agreement between Israel and Sudan.

Tel Aviv Gets Tiny Fraction of 'Hundreds of Millions' Netanyahu Pledged to Resettle Asylum Seekers

Date: 24.11.20 Source: Haaretz, Bar Peleg

Two and a half years after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would allocate hundreds of millions of shekels for rehabilitation of south Tel Aviv, on Sunday the cabinet approved a plan to distribute 20 million shekels ($6 million) to eight “national priority” areas that are home to la

Protection of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel (October 2020)

Date: 11.11.20 Source: ASSAF

ASSAF's submission to the US Department of State Human Rights report about the general situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel in 2020.

In Tel Aviv, Sudanese migrants say Israel making peace with a rotten regime

Date: 26.10.20 Source: Times of Israel, Simona Weinglass

On October 23, US President Donald Trump called the White House press corps into the Oval Office to announce a “historic” and “very s


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