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Israel hires anti-refugee group to research situation in Eritrea

Date: 28.6.17 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
The Population and Immigration Authority has hired the services of the Israeli Immigration Policy Center, an organization that strives to expel African asylum seekers, to conduct a survey of the situation in Eritrea.

Rejected by Israel, Eritreans find shelter in Germany

Date: 3.3.17 Source: Al Jazeera, Yermi Brenner

Berlin, Germany - The most crucial decision for a person forced to flee their homeland is where to seek asylum. That is the hard lesson learned by Yemane Mesgen on his harrowing journey as a refugee.

In first, Israel grants refugee status to Sudanese asylum seeker

Date: 24.6.16 Source: +972
Six years after he fled Darfur for Israel, Mutasim Ali, one of the leaders of the asylum seekers’ struggle in Israel, has been granted refugee status. Ali: ‘Now I can live a normal life with dignity.’ By Yael Marom

Israel has granted refugee status to only four Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers

Date: 19.2.15 Source: Ilan Lior, Haaretz
According to the state’s own figures, only around one percent of applications from Sudanese asylum seekers have received a response; over 2,000 await an answer

Can't get visa because of long lines? No penalty

Date: 20.3.14 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Responding to complaints about long lines to renew visas, immigration authority promises not to take legal action against affected asylum seekers or their employers.

Israel approved just 4 refugee requests out of 2,593 in 2013

Date: 15.10.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post
PIBA presents figures to Knesset Committee for foreign workers; report shows approval of 540 out of 1,133 "humanitarian" requests since 2009. By BEN HARTMAN

Procedure for Obtaining Refugee Status in Israel

Date: 18.6.13 Source: Knesset research center

This document presents a study of asylum-seekers with physical disabilities and those suffering from psychiatric disorders, on the basis of Assaf's accumulated experience (Hebrew) 

Israel reaches deal to deport immigrants

Date: 2.6.13 Source: Ynet,
n High Court debate over jailing of immigrants without trial, State says three countries to accept immigrants; 2,100 North Sudanese already deported. By Aviel Magnezi

Israel admits asylum bid filed by Africans still pending, despite vowing 'swift' review

Date: 29.5.13 Source: HAARETZ
Despite having failed to carry out detailed checks, Israel also says most migrants are here for economic reasons and are not refugees, while lawyer contends that they include 'torture victims and children in administrative detention under harsh conditions.' By Ilan Lior


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