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High Court of Justice

Rejecting State's Appeal, Israeli Top Court Ruling Removes Hurdles to Asylum Requests

Date: 7.7.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The Supreme Court refused Tuesday to hear the Interior Ministry’s appeal of its precedent-setting ruling that shifted the burden of proving the future safety of a family of asylum seekers if they are repatriated to their home country.

High Court Gives Israel 30 Days to Check Darfurians’ Asylum Requests

Date: 30.10.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The High Court of Justice on Monday gave the state 30 days to submit a timetable and work plan for examining the asylum requests of Sudanese asylum seekers from the Darfur region.

Top Court Agrees Israel’s Escrow Plan for Asylum Seekers Is ‘Stealing’

Date: 25.7.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

A law requiring asylum seekers to deposit part of their salary in an escrow account will only worsen their poverty – and thus the plight of places like south Tel Aviv where many of them live, 

In limbo, asylum seekers await government's next move

Date: 29.4.18 Source: +972, Joshua Leifer

The roughly 38,000 asylum seekers living in Israel, most of whom fled Eritrea and Sudan, again face an uncertain future.

Israeli leaders push to override supreme court power

Date: 22.4.18 Source: i24News
There have been a number of pushes recently to constrict the power of Israel’s highest court. 
Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced Sunday that he would bring up for a vote next week a n

Israel's top court orders 207 African migrants freed from detention

Date: 15.4.18 Source: i24News

Israel's High Court of Justice ordered the immediate release of all 207 African migrants currently being held in detention for refusing deportation orders and extended a freeze on the state's controversial expulsion plan after it failed to present an updated agreement with a "third coun

All remaining asylum seekers released from Saharonim Prison

Date: 15.4.18 Source: ynet, Amir Alon

The Population and Immigration Authority released Sunday all 207 African asylum seekers who have been imprisoned in the Saharonim Prison in line with a High Court of Justice ruling from last week.

Israel's Top Court Delays Planned Expulsion of Asylum Seekers

Date: 27.3.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The state asked the High Court of Justice on Monday for another two weeks to formulate its response to two petitions against the planned deportations of African asylum seekers.

High court slams Israeli government for failing to develop policy on Darfur refugees

Date: 20.12.17 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
The High Court of Justice criticized the government Monday for dragging its feet on setting a new policy on granting residency in Israel to asylum seekers originally from the Darfur region of Sudan.

Israel to grant temporary residency to 300 more asylum seekers from Darfur

Date: 17.12.17 Source: Haaretz, Yarden Zur
Israel will grant temporary residency status to a second group of 300 asylum seekers from the Darfur region of Sudan.
The government made the announcement as part of its response to a High Court of Justice petition asking the court to order th


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