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Egyptian border

Only one asylum seeker illegally entered Israel via Egypt in the past year

Date: 23.5.17 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Only one asylum seeker has illegally entered Israel from Egypt over the past year − a far cry from the situation over the past decade when tens of thousands got through before the border fence was completed in 2012.
The last man who entered −

Victims of Torture and Human Trafficking

Israeli human rights organizations estimate that about 4,000 survivors of the torture camps in Sinai currently live in Israel, most of them are from Eritrea.

Rights group: Eritrean refugees regularly abducted in Egypt, Sudan

Date: 11.2.14 Source: Haaretz and The Associated Press
Human Rights Watch calls for crackdown on local officials who say are colluding with traffickers.

Arrest and Detention

Fighting Detention

In 2011, after years of avoiding the need to commit to a clear policy, the Israeli government decided to act decisively against asylum seekers in the country.

Eritrean migrants tell of IDF violence at Israel-Egypt border

Date: 11.9.12 Source: HAARETZ
Testimonies suggest that the men who had been trapped at the Israeli-Egyptian border for 8 days were tear gassed, forcefully dragged into Egyptian territory. By Talila Nesher

'No legal obligation' to migrants trapped on border

Date: 6.9.12 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Government says fence is now the de facto border between Egypt and Israel; IDF deny supplies from activists.By BEN HARTMAN

State decides to deport 18 of 21 African migrants

Date: 6.9.12 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Israel grants entry to 2 women, child out of group trapped on Israel-Egypt border; PM: We will continue to expel infiltrators. By BEN HARTMAN
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