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Coronavirus Crisis

Opinion | Israel’s Interior Minister Knows She Can’t Deport the Asylum Seekers

Date: 9.7.21 Source: Haaretz, Vered Lee

When Ayelet Shaked became interior minister, she used xenophobic terminology to declare she would act to return asylum seekers to their countries of origin and encourage their “voluntary return” to a third country.

Editorial | Israel, Help Those Going Hungry

Date: 6.3.21 Source: Haaretz, Editorial

The data from the survey by the Health Ministry in cooperation with the Tel Aviv municipality, which shows the level of food security of asylum seekers living in south Tel Aviv, is a badge of shame for Israel. There is a severe humanitarian crisis right in Tel Aviv’s backyard.

86 Percent of Tel Aviv Asylum Seekers Lack Food Security, First Official Survey Finds

Date: 5.3.21 Source: Haaretz, Or Kashti

Fully 86 percent of asylum seekers in Tel Aviv say they suffer from food insecurity, including 54 percent who show signs of actual hunger, according to the first survey ever conducted on this issue.

Editorial | Guatemala’s Poor Come First

Date: 25.2.21 Source: Haaretz, Editorial

Two weeks ago, the Health Ministry made the correct decision from the standpoint of both morality and health when it opened a coronavirus vaccination clinic in Tel Aviv’s Neveh Sha’anan neighborhood for people with no legal status in Israel.

Israeli Decision Makes COVID Vaccines Off Limits to Thousands of Foreign Residents

Date: 24.2.21 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The Tel Aviv facility where foreign migrant workers and asylum seekers have been receiving coronavirus vaccinations this month will stop administering the shots to new patients as of Tuesday and will only be providing the foreign residents second vaccine doses, the Health Ministry has decided.

Tel Aviv Launching COVID Vaccine Campaign for Asylum Seekers Vaccine Campaign for Asylum Seekers

Date: 8.2.21 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality and Ichilov Hospital will on Tuesday launch a campaign to vaccinate asylum seekers and migrant workers, who are ineligible for vaccinations through the health maintenance organizations.

Tel Aviv Plans to Vaccinate Asylum Seekers Against COVID-19

Date: 27.1.21 Source: Haaretz, Amos Harel

Tel Aviv plans to open a special compound in the coming weeks for vaccinating most of the city’s asylum seekers against COVID-19.

Asylum Seekers Cleaning Tel Aviv's Streets to Be Fired for Israelis Who Don't Even Want the Job

Date: 25.12.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

For nine years, Debasi Habtu, a 42-year-old asylum seeker, has been going out every day to clean the streets of central Tel Aviv. He gets up before sunrise, glances at his sleeping children – aged six months, six years and 10 years – dons his yellow vest and bikes to Lincoln Street.

Update: Asylum seekers in Israel left destitute during Covid 19 crisis (October 2020)

Date: 11.11.20 Source: ASSAF; The Refugees Rights Forum

Asylum seekers have been severely affected by the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic outburst. Six months into the crisis, the asylum seekers community’s situation is deteriorating and urgent response is necessary to prevent a humanitarian crisis.


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