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Anti-infiltration law

New 'anti-infiltration' bill passes vote in Knesset

Date: 8.12.14 Source: The Jerusalem Post, Ben Hartman
The bill is meant to prevent “infiltration” of African migrants into Israel, and to encourage others to leave the country.

Calls for Israel to grant illegal Darfuri migrants refugee status

Date: 7.12.14 Source: Sudan Tribune

December 6, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The chairman of Israel’s Yesh Atid party and the outgoing finance minister Yair Lapid said that Israel must recognise Darfuris who entered the country illegally as refugees.

Israel should recognize Darfur migrants as refugees, says Lapid

Date: 6.12.14 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
But the state should treat Eritreans as illegal immigrants, the outgoing finance minister says on his Facebook page.

When it comes to asylum seekers, Israel has forgotten its roots

Date: 5.12.14 Source: Jewish Journal, Sharon Livne

These days, with relative ease and without any major obstacles, the Israeli government is pushing a new bill that allows it to detain African asylum seekers for 20 months without proper due process.

Israel may have misled High Court on asylum seekers

Date: 17.10.14 Source: revital hovel, HAARETZ
Court statement at odds with comments by Netanyahu and Sa'ar that objective of detention is to break spirits of asylum seekers.

African asylum seeker speaks: 'We’re not to blame for south Tel Aviv woes'

Date: 23.9.14 Source: mutasim ali, HAARETZ
We understand and support the struggle of south Tel Aviv's residents, but we're not enemies of Israel - we are just people who fled their countries because of persecution, wars, and dictatorships.

High Court orders closure of detention facility for African asylum seekers

Date: 22.9.14 Source: Ilan Lior, Haaretz
Some 2,000 Eritreans and Sudanese are incarcerated in Holot 'open facility’ in Negev, which court rules must be shut within 90 days; court cancels amendment allowing incarceration without trial.

As he heads into detention, refugee leader vows to keep fighting

Date: 2.5.14 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Israel sends refugee protest symbol Mutasim Ali into detention, despite UN recommendation he be given refugee status.


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