Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Psychosocial Aid and Support

Providing psychosocial support and aid to families and individuals in need is at the forefront of ASSAF’s activity on behalf of asylum-seekers and refugees in Israel. ASSAF operates various projects to support asylum-seekers, empower them and provide them with services. The asylum seekers who turn to us for help often arrive from the most vulnerable groups among the refugee communities: victims of torture and human trafficking, people with physical and mental disabilities, ill people, women who are victims of domestic violence, single-parent families, and others.

Within our different projects, we create and advance support mechanisms to help asylum-seekers and refugees deal with their difficult reality of life in Israel, to alleviate their distress and to strengthen their resilience and coping skills. The aid process is tailored according to the particular and often complex circumstances of families and individuals, with regard to their culture and to their unique, specific needs. Intervention methods are multidisciplinary and include a wide range of services: case management, private counseling and therapy, support groups, facilitation of access to rights and their utilization, mobilization of resources and means of support from within civil society, and more.

At ASSAF, we acknowledge the importance of the social and communal context of our seekers. Through direct contact with the field, our organization works to identify the needs of the asylum-seeking communities, and acts in cooperation with them, in order to influence and improve their conditions and current circumstances.