Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Humanitarian Aid

photo: Ori Bronfeld

The harsh policy of the state towards asylum-seekers in Israel contributes to their social and economic marginalization. In particular, it renders the most vulnerable groups among them without proper institutional mental and social support. These circumstances further worsen their situation, and harm their well-being. Therefore, in addition to empowering the asylum-seekers and promoting their rights, ASSAF is also obliged to provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

Financial Assistance Fund

Each month we provide financial aid to about 20 asylum-seekers who are unable to support themselves, due to physical disabilities, traumatic events or crises. Financial assistance is usually limited to a period of several months, and is intended to help asylum-seekers until they can return to independent functioning. Throughout the assistance period, we accompany the recipients in the rehabilitation and recovery process, and work together with them to find long-term solutions that will enable their independence.

Providing Food Parcels

Once a month, we receive a supply of dry food from Latet (“to give”) Organization, which we distribute to families and individuals who have experienced a severe economic crisis.