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Sudan crisis: Activists killed by paramilitary group

Date: 7.6.19 Source: BBC News

A government official has admitted to 46 people being killed by paramilitaries during pro-democracy protests in the capital Khartoum.

'Israel Won't Take Care of Me - I'll Go Die in My Homeland, in Dangerous Sudan'

Date: 15.5.19 Source: Lee Yaron, Haaretz

Following three strokes that left M., 59, impaired and unable to obtain adequate medical treatment because of his asylum seeker status in Israel, he decided he had no choice but to return to Sudan - at least he'll die in his homeland, he says. 

Likud plans to revive bids to expel migrants, terrorists’ families – report

Date: 13.5.19 Source: Stuart Winer, Times of Israel

The Likud party is reportedly demanding that prospective coalition partners support two controversial bills, one of which was previously struck down by the High Court of Justice as unconstitutional and another that the attorney general described as an infringement of human rights.

Israel's High Court Blasts Law Requiring Asylum Seekers to Deposit 20% of Wages

Date: 8.5.19 Source: Lee Yaron, Haaretz

The High Court of Justice on Tuesday criticized the state’s policy toward asylum seekers in a session about a challenge to the deposits law, by which 20 percent of asylum-seekers’ wages are withheld by the state, pending their departure from the country.

Sudan protesters reject army's position on civilian rule

Date: 3.5.19 Source: BBC News

Protesters in Sudan have criticised the ruling military council after it said it would not accept a civilian-majority power sharing council.

Trump Says Asylum Seekers Should Have to Pay a Fee to Apply

Date: 30.4.19 Source: Associated Press, Haaretz

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is proposing charging asylum seekers a fee to process their applications as he continues to try to crack down on the surge of Central American migrants seeking to cross into the U.S.


Date: 15.4.19 Source: Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post

The state must do more to protect the rights of detained African migrant mothers and children, the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants said in its annual 2018 report.

UN: No Rights Progress in Eritrea After Peace Deal With Ethiopia

Date: 16.3.19 Source: Lisa Schlein, VOA News

GENEVA - U.N. experts say Eritrea’s human rights record has not changed for the better since the government signed a peace agreement with Ethiopia last year, formally ending a two decades-long border conflict.  The U.N.

Court Strikes Down Segregation of Eritrean Migrant Children in Israeli City

Date: 26.2.19 Source: Or Kashti, Haaretz

A district court in Lod on Monday struck down Netanya’s municipal policy of sending Eritrean migrant children to separate preschools and ordered that they be redistributed to regular classrooms in the city.


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