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Out of Place

Date: 1.4.11 Source: Tablet
Thousands of Sudanese and Eritrean refugees, fleeing genocidal persecution and military conscription, are seeking asylum in Israel, which is struggling to manage and acclimate this influx. By Daniella Cheslow

‘We are here because of the persecution we suffered’

Date: 24.12.10 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Thousands of Africans in Tel Aviv demand refugee status and decry plans for detention center.

Cabinet approves detention center for illegal infiltrators

Date: 28.11.10 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Facility will provide basic shelter, food and medical services for African migrants who cross Egyptian border.

The Middle East: refugees and internally displaced persons by country

Date: 5.10.10 Source: TheGuardian
As a brief overview confirms, refugees and IDPs pose one of the most complex humanitarian issues facing the Middle East

Israel's 'illegal' children

Date: 17.7.10 Source: AlJazeera
Children born to undocumented migrant workers in Israel are now facing deportation.

Refugees: 'Let us work to survive'

Date: 1.5.10 Source: AlJazeera
A policy of deterrence keeps the 20,000 African refugees in Israel in legal limbo.

Israel to turn back Darfur refugees

Date: 19.8.07 Source: AlJazeera
Israel has said it will turn away refugees fleeing the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan, but some of the 500 already in the country will be allowed to remain. 


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