Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel


NGOs reject Israeli asylum policy to migrants

Date: 28.10.12 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Interior Minister Eli Yishai pens letter to PM urging mass arrests of Sudanese migrants, populating Negev detention facilities. By BEN HARTMAN

Israel’s African Problem and Us

Date: 26.10.12 Source: The Jewish Daily Forward
American Jews and Israel's War on African Asylum Seekers

Seeking Asylum, Sudanese Face Israeli Prison

Date: 19.10.12 Source: The Jewish Daily Forward
Israel Building Detention Center for 15,000 Refugees

TA: Eritreans protest Negev detention facility

Date: 18.10.12 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Rallying under slogan “Israel, don’t put us in prison, again”, migrants protest facility meant to house thousands of Africans. By BEN HARTMAN

Eritrean asylum seeker details recent hunger strike, fear of indefinite incarceration

Date: 18.10.12 Source: Megafon
Some 500 asylum seekers held in a prison in the desert recently refused food in protest of a new law that enables Israel to keep them in detention indefinitely. By Sharon Livne

Court prohibits detention of Sudanese refugees days before mass arrests begin

Date: 12.10.12 Source: 972MAGAZINE
The court’s move comes in response to an October 3 petition, filed by the Clinic for Migrants’ Rights at the Academic Center of Law and Business, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), the Hotline for Migrant Workers, ASSAF Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel, the African Refugee Development Center (ADRC), and Kav La’Oved, as well six African asylum seekers. By Mya Guarnieri

NGOs petition to stop Yishai from jailing migrants

Date: 4.10.12 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Rights groups say many of those who would be detained under Yishai plan are survivors of genocide, other atrocities. By YONAH JEREMY BOB

Eritrean migrants tell of IDF violence at Israel-Egypt border

Date: 11.9.12 Source: HAARETZ
Testimonies suggest that the men who had been trapped at the Israeli-Egyptian border for 8 days were tear gassed, forcefully dragged into Egyptian territory. By Talila Nesher

Israel to admit 3 Eritrean refugees stranded at border

Date: 6.9.12 Source: Los Angeles Times

JERUSALEM — Under pressure from the United Nations and human rights groups, Israel agreed Thursday to allow into the country three Eritrean refugees from a group of more than 20 that had been stranded for a week along a new newly built border fence with Egypt in the Sinai desert.


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