Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel


Sa'ar on refugees: We'll send them back where they came from

Date: 9.4.13 Source: Ynet,
Interior minister tours African residences in south Tel Aviv; 'I came here to seek asylum,' Darfur refugee says; 'We live in ghetto,' cries Jewish resident. By Boaz Fyler

Sudanese Refugees Face Harassment, Deportation in Israel

Date: 10.3.13 Source: Al Monitor
According to Orit Marom, advocacy coordinator at the Tel Aviv-based Aid Organization for Refuges and Asylum Seekers in Israel (ASSAF), the recent deportation — which cannot be described as ‘voluntary’ and are, in fact, illegal — show just how desensitized Israeli society has become to injustices carried out against African refugees.

Rights groups rebuke Israel for repatriating African migrants

Date: 27.2.13 Source: AP
“No matter how you look at it, it is an expulsion with almost certainty of death,” said Orit Marom, advocacy coordinator for Assaf, a migrant aid organization.

UN demands Israeli explanation over secret deportation of Sudanese migrants

Date: 27.2.13 Source: HAARETZ
Israeli human rights activists and politicians blast deportation as immoral and in violation of basic obligations under international law; Netanyahu, Eli Yishai have yet to respond.By Talila Nesher

Israel quietly sends migrants to Sudan

Date: 26.2.13 Source: AP

 Israel has quietly repatriated hundreds of Sudanese migrants in recent months, drawing accusations from rights groups that it has coerced the Africans into potentially life-threatening situations and possibly violated international norms for treating refugees.

Why does George Clooney have a spy satellite on Sudan?

Date: 8.2.13 Source: msn news
George Clooney is funding a spy satellite aimed at Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. The actor has a long history of activism in Sudan.

Israel: No Place to Go

Date: 13.11.12 Source: AlJazeera
Can Isayas help protect fellow African refugees in Israel from violence, discrimination and an uncertain future?

PM: We have effectively stopped flow of Africans

Date: 4.11.12 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu says gov't "must work on repatriating infiltrators in Israel"; UN rep.: If Israel could deport them, it would have.

PHOTO ESSAY: A sprawling desert prison, for thousands of refugees

Date: 3.11.12 Source: 972MAGAZINE
The trip was organized by ASSAF – Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel, with the participation of Physicians for Human Rights, the Hotline for Migrant Workers and Amnesty International. Aid workers and reporters are not allowed into the prisons, so we were only able to enter the construction site of the Sadot facility, which is still under the jurisdiction of the local regional council. We observed the three other facilities from the outside.By Noam Sheizaf

Israeli NGOs mobilise to meet needs of non-Jewish immigrants

Date: 30.10.12 Source: Common Ground News Service

Jerusalem - For the past few years, thousands of non-Jewish Africans have enacted a modern-day Exodus out of Egypt, making their way from their countries of origin to the “Promised Land” in the hope of finding a home – temporarily at least – in Israel, a country which defines itself as


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