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Fact checking racist incitement against African refugees in Israel

Date: 18.6.13 Source: 972MAGAZINE
Respected Israeli journalist Ben Caspit recently launched an attack against African asylum seekers in Israeli national newspapers ‘The Post’ and ‘Jerusalem Post.’ A response to the racist incitement and damaging factual inaccuracies. By Natasha Roth and Leah McDonnell

Darfur’s Still Burning

Date: 13.6.13 Source: The Daily Beast
Despite the narrative from diplomats and journalists that Sudan’s civil war is mostly over, Janjaweed gunmen are still terrorizing the region. This time, no one’s paying attention. by John Prendergast, Omer Ismail

Plan to deport migrants to third country 'gradual'

Date: 11.6.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Government plan to use a third party African country as destination for deported African migrants a multi-year process. By BEN HARTMAN

Israel planning to deport African migrants to 'east African country'

Date: 3.6.13 Source: TheGuardian
Court document reveals scheme to send some of 60,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Eritrean or Sudanese, to a third country

Treating migrants in Israel like chattel

Date: 3.6.13 Source: HAARETZ
In a Supreme Court hearing against the amendment to Israel's Infiltration Law, the state made an ambiguous announcement that a third state will accept Eritrean citizens currently living in Israel. By Or Kashti

Jews must remember: We were refugees too

Date: 2.6.13 Source: HAARETZ
Remember the tales of our mothers and fathers as refugees, when they were viewed as suspicious and dangerous - and deprived of human rights. By Sami Michael

Israel's High Court to hear petition against law allowing prolonged detention of 'infiltrators'

Date: 2.6.13 Source: HAARETZ
Human rights groups seek annulment of amendment allowing illegal migrants to be detained three years, passed by the Knesset in January 2012 and came into force last June; there are currently approximately 2,000 African migrants in detention facilities. By Ilan Lior

Israel reaches deal to deport immigrants

Date: 2.6.13 Source: Ynet,
n High Court debate over jailing of immigrants without trial, State says three countries to accept immigrants; 2,100 North Sudanese already deported. By Aviel Magnezi

Israel grapples with wave of north African migrants

Date: 31.5.13 Source: NBC

Ruthie Jacobi, a longtime resident of the gritty south side of Israel’s largest city, says she’s fed up. 

WATCH: Eritrean refugee's shocking personal testimony

Date: 31.5.13 Source: 972MAGAZINE
Zabib Sultan, an asylum seeker from Eritrea who heads the Eritrean Women’s Community Center, shares a shocking testimony about her and other women’s experiences on their way to Israel. She gave her testimony during a meeting organized by Amnesty International and the ASSAF NGO on May 23, 2013


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