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Sa'ar: Thousands of migrants will be deported after holidays

Date: 28.8.13 Source: Ynet
Thousands of migrants and asylum seekers will be deported from Israel as part of two-stage plan, says minister; unnamed Africa country will absorb refugees. By Omri Efraim

People smugglers 'target Eritrean asylum seekers'

Date: 26.8.13 Source: SBS
An SBS investigation has found asylum-seekers from Eritrea, in the Horn of Africa, are paying people-smugglers thousands of dollars to get them to Australia

Israel's Most Liberal City Introduces Racially Segregated Kindergartens

Date: 23.8.13 Source: The Daily Beast
According to a report published by Ynet (Hebrew edition), the city built the new preschools for black children after Jewish-Israeli residents of the inner city area threatened to keep their children at home rather than allow them to learn how to count, fingerpaint and play on the swings alongside their peers from Eritrea and Sudan

Tortured in the Sinai: 'I Was Hanged for Days'

Date: 2.8.13 Source: CBN

From the West Coast of Africa to the deserts of Sinai, Bedouin tribes are conducting a human trafficking trade on a massive scale.

It's no secret. The trade reaps millions of dollars and deals with human misery. It could be stopped but so far no one has dared.

Eritrean asylum seekers call for end to 'voluntary' deportations

Date: 28.7.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Migrants say prisoners in Israeli detention centers were extorted for their agreement to "voluntarily" return to Eritrea. By BEN HARTMAN

Asylum seekers: We beg the Israeli government – protect us

Date: 28.7.13 Source: Ynet
Eritrean refugees hold press conference in protest of 'willful emigration' directive, allegedly allowing detained asylum seekers to leave voluntarily. 'In Israel they call it willful emigration, but with no alternative, there is nothing willful about it. To deport us to Eritrea is to sentence us to death,' migrant say. By Omri Efraim

Israel begins sending Eritreans home despite rights concerns

Date: 15.7.13 Source: REUTERS
Israel has launched a forced repatriation of Eritrean migrants that amounts to a grave violation of their human rights because of the risk of persecution in their reclusive homeland, an advocacy group said on Monday

Another side to south Tel Aviv

Date: 11.7.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Were Israel to harness potential for dialogue among veteran Israelis, migrant workers and refugees, the entirety of Israeli society would benefit. By JEAN-MARC LILING, ILANA PINSHAW


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