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Africans Continue to Protest in Israel

Date: 6.1.14 Source: The New York Times, Israel Keshner
JERUSALEM — After years of living on the margins of Israeli society, thousands of African asylum seekers flooded the streets of central Tel Aviv for a second day on Monday to protest their treatment by the Israeli authorities and to demand recognition as refugees.

Thousands of refugees flood Tel Aviv square in mass protest

Date: 5.1.14 Source: ynet, Meir Ohayon
Amid calls for nationwide strike of migrant workers, thousands of asylum seekers gather in Tel Aviv, urging Israeli government to review asylum requests. Meanwhile, hundreds protest in Eilat

'This is not a life': A journey to Israel's 'open' detention center

Date: 1.1.14 Source: +972 magazine, Ayla Peggy Adler
When a group of Jewish Israelis set out for the Holot ‘open prison’ in the Negev, they were hoping to sing Christmas carols to the asylum seekers. But by the time they got there, the things they saw and heard made it clear that there was nothing to sing about.

Hear our outcry

Date: 29.12.13 Source: YNET
Op-ed: Asylum seeker from Eritrea asks Israel to show some sympathy, let him live in dignity

Israel's immigration authority sends hundreds to new detention site

Date: 27.12.13 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
fter Knesset authorizes immigration authority to seize and detain migrants, Eritrean refugees holding expired visas say they fear to leave their homes.

Holocaust survivor: How can Israel make people into numbers?

Date: 26.12.13 Source: YNET, Michal Margalit
Auschwitz survivor slams state for referring to African migrants by numbers not names in court documents

Israel says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it wants them to leave

Date: 21.12.13 Source: The Washington Post, William Booth and Ruth Eglas
The newly constructed “open facility” is designed to hold up to 3,300 illegal immigrants. It is not a prison, but not exactly a shelter, either. Residents will be required to answer roll call three times a day. They are not allowed to seek work. The facility is surrounded by a fence topped with spools of razor wire, and the migrants will be locked down at night.

Between “Voluntary Repatriation” and Constructive Refoulement: The Case of Asylum Seekers in Israel

Date: 20.12.13 Source: Refugees International, Yotam Gidron
On the 16th of September 2013, the Israeli High Court of Justice invalidated the Prevention of Infiltration Act (Amendment no. 3), that allowed the incarceration of asylum seekers from Africa for up to three years. During the months following the decision, while authorities were working exceptionally slowly to release asylum seekers from prison, the Israeli Knesset started working on a new bill to replace the invalidated act. And in less than a month, its swift legislation process was over.

Israel: African Migrants March to Jerusalem to Protest Against Detention Law

Date: 17.12.13 Source:, Gianluka Mezzofiore
Sudanese migrants left 'open' detention facility to protest against fresh legislation

Recognise us as refugees! African immigrants protest in Jerusalem

Date: 16.12.13 Source: Middle East Online, Lahav Junction
Hundreds of African illegal immigrants on Monday began a protest march to Jerusalem after fleeing a detention centre in the south where they were being held


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