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Tel Aviv Suburb to Enroll Children of Asylum Seekers in School After Prolonged Legal Battle

Date: 20.11.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva told court on Thursday it will allow asylum seekers to register their children for municipal schools, after stonewalling them for years.

Some 80 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Israel Are Out of Work, Lack Health Insurance

Date: 26.10.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Almaz (not her real name) is a single mother of three who has been in Israel for a decade. She has long accustomed herself to the Deposit Law that garnished 20 percent of her salary, the lack of official status, health insurance and welfare services, and the racism at every turn.

In Tel Aviv, Sudanese migrants say Israel making peace with a rotten regime

Date: 26.10.20 Source: Times of Israel, Simona Weinglass

On October 23, US President Donald Trump called the White House press corps into the Oval Office to announce a “historic” and “very s

Israeli Ministry Refuses to Help Asylum Seekers Retrieve Money Stolen by Employers

Date: 25.10.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Israel’s Labor and Social Affairs Minister Itzik Shmuli has rejected proposals to aid asylum seekers in receiving the deposits their employers deducted from their salaries and kept to themselves illegally, Haaretz has learned.

Israel-Sudan Agreement Will Ease Deportation of Asylum Seekers, Sources Say

Date: 25.10.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The planned normalization of relations with Sudan will facilitate the repatriation of asylum seekers back to that northeast African country, sources in Israel say.

Israel Ignoring or Mishandling 99.7 Percent of Asylum Requests, NGO Says

Date: 12.8.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The Population and Immigration Authority failed to respond to or rejected without thoroughly examining 99.7 percent of asylum seeker requests filed from 2011 through 2019.

Israel Fails to Investigate Employers Who Stole Money From Over 1,000 Asylum Seekers

Date: 9.8.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Akbarat, an asylum seeker from Eritrea, worked as an office cleaner in Bnei Brak for 9 months. She was employed by Eldan, a company providing cleaning and maintenance services. She cleaned offices six days a week, working long hours: from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. Sundays to Thursdays, and from 7 A.M.

Asylum Seekers in Israel Forced to Make 'Unreasonable' Journey to Immigration Office

Date: 7.8.20 Source: Haatetz, Almog Ben Zikri

Asylum seekers in Eilat, Israel's southernmost city, can no longer get service from the its Population and Immigration Authority’s office, which is demanding that they make the long trip to its office in the central city of Bnei Brak instead, about a five-hour drive by bus.

Israel's Finance Minister Can't Block Funding to Aid Asylum Seekers, Attorney General Rules

Date: 23.7.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

The office of Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit and the legal adviser at the Finance Ministry have ruled that Finance Minister Yisrael Katz does not have the authority to halt government funding that had been earmarked for nonprofit organizations affected by the coronavirus crisis.


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