Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel


Women Asylum Seekers in Israel

Women asylum seekers in Israel are extremely vulnerable. They had escaped their home countries following wars, dictatorships and persecution, and many of them survived torture in camps in Sinai, where they were brutally raped and abused by their kidnappers. In Israel, they live as a minority, deprived of rights and status, in communities dominated by men.

As a result of their lack of status, women asylum seekers are very exposed to offensive employment and to exploitation by various functions. They are all too likely to experience additional hardships, on top of what they have already been through, including exploitation at work, domestic violence, harassment and sexual assault. 

Many of the women asylum seekers who turn to ASSAF for help are women experiencing extreme poverty, single mothers, and women who suffer domestic abuse. Click here for more information.

Psychosocial aid for women at ASSAF

ASSAF provides women asylum seekers with direct aid, including individual treatment of a social worker; support-group-based emotional therapy; promotion of content focused on women’s welfare and status for members of the asylum seekers community, and more.

Women asylum seekers are also supported by ASSAF’s support program for Victims of Torture and Human Trafficking and ASSAF’s Advocacy and Support Center. In addition, ASSAF is conducting intensive advocacy work in the public, legal and parliamentary spheres, for the promotion of rights and welfare for women asylum seekers.