Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Ten Steps to Integrate Asylum Seekers into Israeli Society and Rehabilitate South Tel Aviv

Date: 13.6.18 Source: The economic programme for resolving the refugee issue

Outline of the programme introduced by 64 leading business-people in Israel 


  1. Employing asylum seekers in those sectors that suffer from a shortage of workforce, thus reducing the demand for foreign workers.

  2. Providing work permits to those asylum seekers who are employed in this programme.

  3. Setting incentives for companies who employ asylum seekers in designated sectors and waiving the employers’ tax.

  4. Dispersing 9,200 asylum seekers who live mostly in South Tel Aviv, and integrating them in 30 towns and cities in other areas in the county’s center, as well as in areas where employment is available.

  5. Establishing a realty agency to assist asylum seekers find and rent apartments in those cities and towns they move to.

  6. Establishing a rent-security fund for asylum seekers who rent apartments through the programme.

  7. Creating a municipal integration package, including economic and social incentives and professional support to finance the necessary adjustment to services in education, welfare, and health in absorbing communities.

  8. Providing social intervention in South Tel Aviv, including managing problems such as prostitution, drug trafficking, homelessness, supporting the elderly population, etc.

  9. Developing and implementing a plan for the physical renovation of South Tel Aviv, including destroying the Central Bus Station and finding alternative public transportation solutions.

  10. Establishing a public administration entity which will work together with South Tel Aviv residents to promote and coordinate social intervention and physical development of the neighborhoods and ensure that it will and promote the well-being of underprivileged residents.

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