Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Integrating and Advancing Children of Asylum Seekers in the Israeli Education System (December 2020)

Date: 23.12.20 Source: ASSAF; The Garden Library

This document follows up ASSAF and the Garden Library's 2019 report regarding the challenges faced by children of asylum seekers in the Israeli education system, and suggests practical solutions for their integration and advancement. It calls for a new pedagogic model to be developed and implemented, which can act as guidelines for the integration of children of asylum seekers in existing educational institutions in the cities, alongside their Israeli peers, while at the same time addressing their specific needs.

The integration of these children will not only benefit them and their communities, but the Israeli children and the entire Israeli society as well, since containing children with various needs will teach their peers tolerance and solidarity, and will grant them the skills to succeed in a socially, culturally and ethnically diverse environment in the future.

The Israeli education system is taking steps toward the integration and inclusion of all its students: children and teens at risk, children with special needs, new immigrants, etc. Integration and inclusion present a challenge, but alongside the challenge there lies an opportunity to establish a cohesive and diverse society, untouched by prejudice, exclusion and racism. It is time that children of asylum seekers are part of this important process.

The recommendations suggested here by ASSAF and The Garden Library are based on research conducted in Israel and the world, interviews conducted by the teams of both organizations with leading professionals in the education sector and the valued opinion of Dr. Marcelo Weksler.