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Israel's only mental health clinic for African asylum-seekers faces closure

Date: 26.4.18 Source: i24NEWS
'We don't have insurance, we don’t have access to private clinic and we can’t go hospital, what do we do?'

Israel’s only clinic to provide mental health s

Aid to People with Disabilities

Most asylum-seekers in Israel lack access to health services and medical care. This situation particularly affects those among them who face physical or mental disabilities.

Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel increasingly turning to prostitution

Date: 12.9.17 Source: Haaretz, Vered Lee
The women live here as asylum seekers, many of them having endured torture in Sinai on the way. They are left as single parents in Israel.

African asylum seekers hit the books thanks to new student group

Date: 1.7.17 Source: The Times of Israel, Melanie Lidman

When Israelis hear that Sudanese asylum seeker Taj Haroun was a university student, he watches their demeanor towards him change. “Whenever I first approach someone, there’s the connotation that we are all criminals.

Welfare Services for Asylum Seekers - Recommendations Report

Date: 21.11.14 Source: ASSAF & Rupin Academic Center

 A Report by ASSAF and Rupin Academic Center  - recommendations for a policy: welfare services for asylum seekers in Israel.

State Comptroller Report

Israeli State Comptroller reports, issued between 2013-2018, highlight the multiple problems with Israel's policy towards asylum seekers, and the distress suffered by the refugee population due to their marginalization and their lack of status and basic rights.

Asylum Seekers in Israel Lacking Access to Welfare Services

Date: 1.6.14 Source: ASSAF
April 2014 report. "Since 2007, the non-profit ASSAF - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel - has provided psychosocial assistance to asylum seekers and refugees in Israel and worked to promote their rights in the public sphere. A significant part of the NGO’s work is devoted to providing direct assistance to men, women and children, including those who find themselves in difficult emotional, physical and/or social situations. Over the years, the organization’s staff has been in contact with thousands of refugees all over Israel, and the organization is one of the main pillars of support for asylum seekers."

Comptroller: AG must review Israel's position on asylum seekers

Date: 14.5.14 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Joseph Shapira slams Israel for failing to provide basic needs of foreign nationals who cannot be deported.

Asylum Seekers in Israel Lacking Access to Welfare Services

Date: 5.5.14 Source: ASSAF
A Situation Report from ASSAF Israel 2014. At ASSAF we witness the harmful consequences of the Welfare Ministry’s policy toward asylum seekers every day. As long as there is no reaction from the official authorities we will continue to issue constant warnings about their difficult and worsening situation. Providing access to public welfare services is critical to ensuring that the basic rights of asylum seekers are protected and to their rehabilitation in a way that will benefit them and those around them in Israeli society.


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