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Sudanese asylum seekers

Where were you during the refugee struggle of 2014?

Date: 5.2.14 Source: The Times of Israel, Caylee Talpert
Growing up in Post-Apartheid South Africa I have often wondered what my life would have been like if I had been born 20 years earlier during the height of Apartheid.

The origins and politics of Israel's refugee debate

Date: 28.1.14 Source: +972 magazine, Michael Omer-Man
An in-depth look at the historical and political developments that shaped Israel’s current African asylum-seeker crisis — and one way to resolve it that meets Israel’s own needs while doing right by those who most need its protection

PHOTOS: Tel Aviv marks World Refugee Day with music, theater

Date: 24.6.13 Source: 972MAGAZINE
Since 2001, June 20th is celebrated globally as World Refugee Day. In Israel, there are 55,000 asylum seekers, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, two of the main source countries for refugees worldwide, a new UN report shows. Text by: Yotam Gidron

Unpromised Land

Date: 20.6.13 Source: PBS
60,000 African migrants sought refuge in Israel. Many found hostility, resentment and a one-way ticket to prison. They are Israel's new unwanted. BY. P.J. TOBIA

Israel grapples with wave of north African migrants

Date: 31.5.13 Source: NBC

Ruthie Jacobi, a longtime resident of the gritty south side of Israel’s largest city, says she’s fed up. 

Municipal authorities raid and shutter asylum seekers' businesses in Tel Aviv

Date: 13.5.13 Source: 972MAGAZINE
Dozens of Tel Aviv municipal officers, border policemen and private movers raided several businesses run by African asylum seekers around Tel Aviv’s central bus station, confiscating goods and welding the doors shut. Officials also poured bleach into food in a Darfur refugee’s restaurant. Is city hall preparing for the upcoming municipal elections?. By Haggai Matar

Sudanese Refugees Face Harassment, Deportation in Israel

Date: 10.3.13 Source: Al Monitor
According to Orit Marom, advocacy coordinator at the Tel Aviv-based Aid Organization for Refuges and Asylum Seekers in Israel (ASSAF), the recent deportation — which cannot be described as ‘voluntary’ and are, in fact, illegal — show just how desensitized Israeli society has become to injustices carried out against African refugees.

Rights groups rebuke Israel for repatriating African migrants

Date: 27.2.13 Source: AP
“No matter how you look at it, it is an expulsion with almost certainty of death,” said Orit Marom, advocacy coordinator for Assaf, a migrant aid organization.

Israel quietly sends migrants to Sudan

Date: 26.2.13 Source: AP

 Israel has quietly repatriated hundreds of Sudanese migrants in recent months, drawing accusations from rights groups that it has coerced the Africans into potentially life-threatening situations and possibly violated international norms for treating refugees.


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