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Israeli Soldier, Prison Guard Acquitted in Death of Asylum Seeker They Mistook for Terroris

Date: 20.7.20 Source: Haaretz, Almog Ben Zikri

An Israeli court acquitted on Monday two men who were charged with beating to death an Eritrean asylum seeker in 2015.  

Court Strikes Down Segregation of Eritrean Migrant Children in Israeli City

Date: 26.2.19 Source: Or Kashti, Haaretz

A district court in Lod on Monday struck down Netanya’s municipal policy of sending Eritrean migrant children to separate preschools and ordered that they be redistributed to regular classrooms in the city.

Tel Aviv City Councilwoman Closes Off Soccer Field to Asylum Seekers

Date: 12.11.18 Source: Haaretz, Bar Peleg

A Tel Aviv city councilwoman, on her own initiative, locked up a soccer field in the southern part of the city for several weeks to prevent asylum seekers from using it.

Israeli teen held for beating to death Sudanese refugee

Date: 20.11.16 Source: The Times of Israel
Police search for other suspects in attack last week in the central city of Petah Tikva

Anger, fear permeate memorial for Eritrean victim

Date: 21.10.15 Source: The Times of Israel
Death of Haftom Zarhum, beaten by mob after he was mistaken for a terrorist, illuminates deep mistrust of Israelis among migrants. BY MELANIE LIDMAN

Eritrean man mistaken for terror accomplice dies after being shot, attacked by mob

Date: 19.10.15 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Habtom Zerhom, 26, succumbed to his wounds after a terrorist armed with a pistol and a knife stormed the Beersheba Central Bus Station on Sunday night.

For refugee parents of stabbed baby, the nightmare still continues

Date: 25.6.14 Source: Ynet
18-month-old Rakeb was stabbed in the head by an Israeli man in Tel Aviv in January; now her parents fear for her future.

Assailant caught on tape beating African refugee at Tel Aviv port

Date: 2.2.14 Source: HAARETZ
Security cameras show a man brutally beating an Eritrean man; police claim man is mentally ill.

Eritrean infant suffers brain damage in bus station stabbing

Date: 13.1.14 Source: HAARETZ
Police say suspect, 50-year-old Israeli man, was not ‘racially motivated.'

Court slams MKs for incitement leading to attacks on African migrants

Date: 9.9.13 Source: 972MAGAZINE
Tel Aviv District Court convicts man in failed fire bombing of apartment housing African migrants in south Tel Aviv. Judge lays some blame on politicians for inciting against African migrants. By Haggai Matar


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