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Israel Ignores Court Order to Grant Work Visas to Darfur Asylum Seekers

Date: 5.1.17 Source: Ha`aretz
by ilan Lior. Tribunal ruled that state can’t deprive people of basic rights, while keeping them waiting indefinitely for response to asylum request

Law Forces Asylum-seekers to Set Aside Fifth of Salary, to Be Paid Out When They Leave Israel

Date: 4.1.17 Source: Ha`aretz
By Ilan Lior. Israel says aim is to make employing asylum-seekers more expensive for businesses; human rights organizations warn that the obligation will exacerbate poverty.

Asylum Seekers From Darfur No Longer Being Sent to Israeli Detention Facility

Date: 27.10.16 Source: Ha`aretz
Decision not to send Dafurians to Holot based on fact that most asylum seekers have not had their political asylum requests answered yet, immigration authority says. By: Ilan Lior

Looking for Legal Status

Date: 5.8.16 Source: The New York Times
By Tedros Abraha, 28, has lived in Uganda since January. He spoke to Ryan Lenora Brown in English. Brown traveled to Uganda with the International Women’s Media Foundation. As told to RYAN LENORA BROWN

Israel’s ultimatum to refugees: Indefinite detention or danger

Date: 18.11.15 Source: +972
An Israeli court upholds the government’s policy of indefinitely imprisoning African asylum if they don’t agree to ‘voluntary deportation’ to third countries with no legal status. The xenophobia driving Israel’s policy is top-down, but there is another way. By Anat Ovadia-Rosner

Israel ignores court order on jailed refugee leader

Date: 3.6.15 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Mutasim Ali's refugee status application has gone unaddressed for over 2.5 years - despite being backed by the UN's Refugee Agency.

Report: Where there is No Free Will - Israel's "Voluntary Return" procedure for asylum-seekers

Date: 21.4.15 Source: Assaf & HRM

The report, written coopertively by ASSAF - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, and the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, follows and seeks to document the fate of the asylum seekers who have left Israel, allegedly willingly, and returned to their countries of origin or t

When asylum-seekers are deported
 to the torture chamber

Date: 10.3.15 Source: Haaretz Editorial
The State of Israel is committing a crime against these people, breaking international laws and moral principles.


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