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Asylum Seekers From Darfur No Longer Being Sent to Israeli Detention Facility

Date: 27.10.16 Source: Ha`aretz
Decision not to send Dafurians to Holot based on fact that most asylum seekers have not had their political asylum requests answered yet, immigration authority says. By: Ilan Lior

Rwanda or Saharonim

Date: 18.7.15 Source: HRM
New Hotline report on the Holot detention facility exposes grave shortcomings

A year since protests, detained asylum seekers hint at new strategy

Date: 27.6.15 Source: 972MAGAZINE
A year ago, 1,000 African asylum seekers marched out of the Holot detention facility toward the Egyptian border, hoping to draw the world’s attention to their plight. Since then, thousands have been pressured to leave Israel. As protests appear ineffectual, two asylum seekers discuss what comes next.

Israel ignores court order on jailed refugee leader

Date: 3.6.15 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Mutasim Ali's refugee status application has gone unaddressed for over 2.5 years - despite being backed by the UN's Refugee Agency.

A Sudanese asylum seeker's advice for the Israeli government

Date: 3.2.15 Source: HAARETZ
A refugee held in Israel's Holot detention center wants Israel to stop treating asylum seekers as criminals, and to empower them to be good leaders for the future generations in our country. By Adil Aldao

Israel fails to heat asylum seeker detention center, despite promise

Date: 22.1.15 Source: Ilan Lior, Haaretz
Following petition by three rights groups and complaints over bitter cold conditions in detention center, state said it would install heaters in every cell of Holot.

NGOs to High Court: Save detained migrants from cold conditions

Date: 11.1.15 Source: The Jerusalem Post

group of NGOs on Sunday filed an emergency petition with the High Court of Justice pleading that it order the Holot detention center to allow migrants to bring heaters into their quarters or release them until the quarters are properly heated due to the extremely cold weather conditions

Hundreds of asylum seekers protest outside migrant detention facility

Date: 27.12.14 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Holot currently holds 2,242 asylum seekers, many of whom were ordered to report to there shortly after it opened a year ago, and have since been compelled to remain.


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