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Eritrean asylum seekers

TA: Eritreans protest Negev detention facility

Date: 18.10.12 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Rallying under slogan “Israel, don’t put us in prison, again”, migrants protest facility meant to house thousands of Africans. By BEN HARTMAN

Eritrean asylum seeker details recent hunger strike, fear of indefinite incarceration

Date: 18.10.12 Source: Megafon
Some 500 asylum seekers held in a prison in the desert recently refused food in protest of a new law that enables Israel to keep them in detention indefinitely. By Sharon Livne

An Open Letter to Israel: Eritreans are NOT Economic Refugees

Date: 4.6.12 Source: Tricia Redeker Hepner
An international expert on Eritrea, Dr. Trisha Redker Haffner in an open letter to the State of Israel: Eritreans are not migrant workers.

Who Are the Asylum Seekers

Date: 1.6.12 Source: ASSAF

A current survey of asylum-seekers in Israel - June 2013. Document by Assaf, Amnesty International and the Hotline for Migrant Workers (Hebrew)


Date: 22.6.11 Source: ASSAF
In June 2011 we published data collected during a 10-month research project on the experiences, needs and community structure of asylum-seekers from Sudan and Eritrea now living in Israel (English)

‘We are here because of the persecution we suffered’

Date: 24.12.10 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Thousands of Africans in Tel Aviv demand refugee status and decry plans for detention center.


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