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Eritrean asylum seekers

Rejected by Israel, Eritreans find shelter in Germany

Date: 3.3.17 Source: Al Jazeera, Yermi Brenner

Berlin, Germany - The most crucial decision for a person forced to flee their homeland is where to seek asylum. That is the hard lesson learned by Yemane Mesgen on his harrowing journey as a refugee.

Life vanishes after a husband

Date: 8.1.17 Source: Press reader, Daniella Cheslow

In a one-room apartment in south Tel Aviv, Brkitay Gebru shares a bed with her two sons. On a recent afternoon she was so tired she didn’t bother telling 3-year-old Netanael to stop jumping on the mattress with his sneakers on.

Hydroponic farm for refugees, foreign workers launches on Tel Aviv rooftop

Date: 5.1.17 Source: The Jerusalem Post

on the toughest street in the toughest neighborhood of south Tel Aviv, Darfurian refugees, Chinese workers and Israelis are working together to make a rooftop blossom. 

Looking for Legal Status

Date: 5.8.16 Source: The New York Times
By Tedros Abraha, 28, has lived in Uganda since January. He spoke to Ryan Lenora Brown in English. Brown traveled to Uganda with the International Women’s Media Foundation. As told to RYAN LENORA BROWN

Refugees in Israel Fear They Could All Be Targets of Next Lynch Mob

Date: 22.10.15 Source: HAARETZ
Fellow asylum seekers say Eritrean refugee shot and beaten by mob was killed by racism, not by mistake. Eetta Prince-Gibson

Anger, fear permeate memorial for Eritrean victim

Date: 21.10.15 Source: The Times of Israel
Death of Haftom Zarhum, beaten by mob after he was mistaken for a terrorist, illuminates deep mistrust of Israelis among migrants. BY MELANIE LIDMAN

Eritrean man mistaken for terror accomplice dies after being shot, attacked by mob

Date: 19.10.15 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Habtom Zerhom, 26, succumbed to his wounds after a terrorist armed with a pistol and a knife stormed the Beersheba Central Bus Station on Sunday night.

ASSAF and the Law & Education Policy Clinic of the University of Haifa Filed an Appeal Calling for the Registration of Asylum Seekers’ Children to Public Kindergartens

Date: 29.6.15

On Thursday, June 11, 2015, ASSAF- Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel, together with the Law and Education Policy Clinic of the University of Haifa filed an appeal against the Ministry of Education and the City of Kiryat Malachi, calling for the

UN Inquiry reports gross human rights violations bordering on Crimes Against Humanity in Eritrea

Date: 11.6.15 Source: UN

In 2014 the UN's Human Rights Council established a commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea in light of the many testimonies of human rights violations in the country.


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