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Coding Boot Camp Opens Door to Israeli Tech for African Asylum Seekers

Date: 5.8.19 Source: Haaretz, Refaella Goichman

“They took a few of us on a bus to Tel Aviv and dropped us off at the central bus station. I was 18 and a half and didn’t know what to do. I got to Jaffa and linked up with people who could help me.

Deposit Law

The Deposit Law came into force in May 2017, and was enacted in order to apply a rigid mechanism of economic pressure on asylum seekers, that will force them to leave Israel. According to the law, employers of asylum seekers are required to deduct 20% of their employees’ basic salary and deposit the money in a special account, in addition to a sum of 16%, deducted from the employers. Asylum seekers will only have access to the funds deposited in this account upon their departure from Israel.

Israeli Labor Federation reverses decision, allows asylum seekers to join

Date: 14.6.18 Source: Haaretz, Or Kashti

Togod Omer Adam of Sudan and Takalit Rishahi from Eritrea were the first African refugees admitted to the Histadrut labor federation as full members, after an agreement was reached Wednesday with refugee representatives.

Business tycoons present asylum seeker integration plan

Date: 23.5.18 Source: ynet, Amir Alon

Sixty-four luminaries from Israel's business community wrote Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to outline a comprehensive plan for an economic-business solution to the asylum seeker problem, put together along with south Tel Aviv residents who oppose their expulsion.

64 Leading businessmen submit plan to Netanyahu on how to solve asylum seeker crisis

Date: 22.5.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

A group of leading Israeli businessmen has submitted a proposal to the government on how to solve the problem of African asylum seekers living in south 

Israel's largest labor federation fails to accept refugees' applications

Date: 20.5.18 Source: Haaretz, Or Kashti

Israel's Histadrut labor federation has failed to accept applications by some 30 Sudanese refugees seeking to join. According to the Histadrut's rules, any citizen, resident or migrant worker who is employed in Israel can join the country's largest labor federation.

Lawmakers cut debt for employers of asylum-seekers

Date: 16.5.18 Source: Jerusalem Post, Tamara Zieve

The Knesset Finance Committee and Tax Authority agreed on Tuesday to reduce by some 40% the amount owed by businesses for levies on asylum-seeking foreign workers.

Asylum seekers: denied asylum, stuck doing jobs Israelis avoid

Date: 20.3.18 Source: ynet, Meital R. Fishman

Asylum seekers are now in limbo on whether they will be allowed to stay in Israel, while the state prepares to respond to the High Court of Justice's temporary injunction against their 

Israel's new tactic for forcing out African refugees — dock their wages

Date: 12.5.17 Source: +972 Magazie, Noa Kaufman

African asylum seekers in Israel will now have to deposit 20 percent of their salaries into a fund they will only be able to access if they leave the country, after an 2014 amendment to the Prevention of


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