Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel


Israel begins sending Eritreans home despite rights concerns

Date: 15.7.13 Source: REUTERS
Israel has launched a forced repatriation of Eritrean migrants that amounts to a grave violation of their human rights because of the risk of persecution in their reclusive homeland, an advocacy group said on Monday

Israel to trade arms for migrants with African countries

Date: 9.7.13 Source: Ynet
Senior official says deal nearly sealed with African countries to take tens of thousands of migrants in exchange for arms, military training, knowledge. By Itamar Eichner

There will be no refugees in Israel: Asylum seekers to be deported to unnamed African country

Date: 1.7.13 Source: MondoWeiss
Imagine a persecuted minority on a boat, turned away harbor after harbor. Imagine this boat is then found at sea by an Israeli ship that welcomes everyone aboard, and gives them food and water. Miraculously a head of state then intervenes and gives the lot automatic asylum. By Allison Deger

World Refugee Day marked almost a year after first S. Sudan deportation from Tel Aviv

Date: 20.6.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post
When Orit Marom of the refugee aid organization ASSAF visited the Reece family in Gambela, Ethiopia, during Passover in April, it took her back to the fall of 2008, when she first met the family taking shelter in a south Tel Aviv church. By BEN HARTMAN

Israel planning to deport African migrants to 'east African country'

Date: 3.6.13 Source: TheGuardian
Court document reveals scheme to send some of 60,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Eritrean or Sudanese, to a third country

Treating migrants in Israel like chattel

Date: 3.6.13 Source: HAARETZ
In a Supreme Court hearing against the amendment to Israel's Infiltration Law, the state made an ambiguous announcement that a third state will accept Eritrean citizens currently living in Israel. By Or Kashti

Israel reaches deal to deport immigrants

Date: 2.6.13 Source: Ynet,
n High Court debate over jailing of immigrants without trial, State says three countries to accept immigrants; 2,100 North Sudanese already deported. By Aviel Magnezi

Sudanese Refugees Face Harassment, Deportation in Israel

Date: 10.3.13 Source: Al Monitor
According to Orit Marom, advocacy coordinator at the Tel Aviv-based Aid Organization for Refuges and Asylum Seekers in Israel (ASSAF), the recent deportation — which cannot be described as ‘voluntary’ and are, in fact, illegal — show just how desensitized Israeli society has become to injustices carried out against African refugees.

Rights groups rebuke Israel for repatriating African migrants

Date: 27.2.13 Source: AP
“No matter how you look at it, it is an expulsion with almost certainty of death,” said Orit Marom, advocacy coordinator for Assaf, a migrant aid organization.


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