Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel


Rights group: Eritrean refugees regularly abducted in Egypt, Sudan

Date: 11.2.14 Source: Haaretz and The Associated Press
Human Rights Watch calls for crackdown on local officials who say are colluding with traffickers.

RYOT Report: Why are African Refugees Marching Through the Streets of Israel?

Date: 29.1.14 Source: RYOT News, Yardena Schwartz

Until about a month ago, you could be excused for having absolutely no idea about Israel’s African refugee problem. Even Israelis weren’t aware that there are nearly 55,000 of them living here.

Hear our outcry

Date: 29.12.13 Source: YNET
Op-ed: Asylum seeker from Eritrea asks Israel to show some sympathy, let him live in dignity


Date: 15.12.13 Source: Refugees' Rights Forum
Refugees' Rights Forum's policy paper about the principle of non-refoulement of a person to a place in which he is expected to suffer danger to life, liberty, persecution or torture.

Deportation of South Sudanese from Israel

Date: 10.9.13 Source: FMR MAGAZINE
Israel’s aggressive campaign of arrest and deportation of South Sudanese asylum seekers contravenes the principle of non-refoulement and international standards for voluntary, dignified return. By Laurie Lijnders, FMR MAGAZINE (English)

Uganda denies striking deal to absorb African migrants from Israel

Date: 30.8.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post
African nation denies it will take thousands of Eritrean, Sudanese deportees. By REUTERS, BEN HARTMAN, LAHAV HARKOV

Sa'ar: Thousands of migrants will be deported after holidays

Date: 28.8.13 Source: Ynet
Thousands of migrants and asylum seekers will be deported from Israel as part of two-stage plan, says minister; unnamed Africa country will absorb refugees. By Omri Efraim

Eritrean asylum seekers call for end to 'voluntary' deportations

Date: 28.7.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Migrants say prisoners in Israeli detention centers were extorted for their agreement to "voluntarily" return to Eritrea. By BEN HARTMAN


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