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Deportation to a third country

Asylum Seekers Deported from Israel to Rwanda Warn Those Remaining: "Don't Come Here"

Date: 2.2.18 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior

It’s been four years since the life of Goitom, 28, from Eritrea changed dramatically. When he came to renew his residency visa in Israel, an immigration official told him he had to report to the Holot detention facility. At that time, people were being kept there indefinitely.

Rwanda Denies Signing 'Secret Deal With Israel' to Accept Deported Asylum Seekers

Date: 23.1.18 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior

Rwanda's government on Tuesday denied reaching an agreement with Israel on accepting thousands of asylum seekers slated to be deported.

Asylum seekers to Israel's president: 'Look us in the eyes'

Date: 23.1.18 Source: +972 Blog

Several hundred asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan demonstrated in front of Israeli President Rivlin’s official residence in Jerusalem Monday night, calling on him to stop planned mass deportations.

'I won't fly refugees to their deaths': The El Al pilots resisting deportation

Date: 22.1.18 Source: +972, Yael Marom

At least three El Al pilots in recent days published public declarations of their refusal to take part in the deportation of asylum seekers to countries where their lives may be in danger.

Thousands of asylum seekers protest deportation outside Rwandan embassy

Date: 22.1.18 Source: +972, Joshua Leifer

Approximately 2,000 asylum seekers demonstrated outside of the Rwandan embassy in Herzilya on Monday against the Israeli government’s plan to deport them.

Over 400 Film and TV Artists Call on Israel to Halt Deportation of African Asylum Seekers

Date: 22.1.18 Source: haaretz, Nirit Anderman

More than 400 artists from the worlds of film and television have signed a public letter calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to prevent the deportation of African asylum seekers and allow them to stay in Israel.

Activists weigh marrying migrants to prevent mass expulsion

Date: 21.1.18 Source: ynet, Attila Somfalvi and Alexandra Lukash

Activists opposed to Israel’s planned expulsion of African illegal migrants are considering adopting a new strategy that would involve marrying them to block the government from carrying out the program.

Academics call on government to 'do the right thing, stop expulsion'

Date: 20.1.18 Source: ynet, Amir Alon

Hundreds of academics from universities and colleges put their names to an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin and members of the Knesset calling on them not to expel the asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea.

Israeli writers urge government to nix plan for mass deportation of Africans

Date: 18.1.18 Source: ynet, Elad Zeret and Elisha Ben Kimon

Thirty-five of Israel's top authors and poets have signed a public statement urging the government to nix the plan for the mass deportation of African refugees.


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