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Israel Will Aid Victims of Sinai Torture – After Many Are Deported

Date: 5.3.18 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Despite the fact that Israel admitted back in 2012 that it had a duty to provide a humanitarian solution for the victims of “torture camps” operated by human smugglers in Sinai, it was not until a few months ago that team began formulating a program for survivors, Haaretz has learned.

Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment

Date: 2.1.18 Source: BBC news

The Israeli government has issued a notice for thousands of African migrants to leave the country or face imprisonment.

The migrants will be given up to $3,500 (£2,600) for leaving within the next 90 days.

Deportation process begins: Israel demands that asylum seekers leave by april

Date: 1.1.18 Source: Haaretz, Ilan lior
The Population, Immigration and Border Authority has launched its campaign to begin ridding Israel of its African asylum seekers, announcing Monday that many Eritrean and Sudanese nationals will have to leave the country within the coming months or be incarcerated indefinitely.

Israel to deliver asylum seekers to the hands of human smugglers

Date: 29.12.17 Source: +972,  Noa Yachot

Exactly one decade ago, liberal Israelis were boasting of their government’s treatment of the refugees who had recently begun entering the country, largely from Sudan.

Thousands of asylum seekers to be given 90 days to leave Israel or face prison

Date: 28.12.17 Source: Haaretz, Ilan lior and Josh Breiner
Thousands of asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan will soon be told to leave Israel within three months or face prison.

Experts fear dangers faced in Rwanda by expelled asylum seekers

Date: 17.12.17 Source: ynet, Amir Alon

Although the government unanimously approved a bill Sunday to close the Holot detention facility which houses African illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, the plan still depends on successfully ex

Israeli pilots must refuse to fly expelled asylum seekers toward their deaths

Date: 14.12.17 Source: Haaretz, Gideon Levy
In the next few weeks the first planes will set out. Some of the passengers are liable to be journeying toward their deaths. Some will be on journeys to prison, to torture camps, to humiliations and tribulations, to hunger and disease; trips to darkness.

African asylum seekers face deportation from Israel

Date: 12.12.17 Source: Al Jazeera, Harry Fawcett

Thousands of African asylum seekers and refugees are facing deportation from Israel, after parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country.

Those who refuse to go will be imprisoned.


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