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Israel to pay out over $120,000 to African asylum seekers jailed illegally

Date: 7.11.17 Source: Haaretz, Ilan lior
The state is going to pay five asylum seekers from Sudan 425,000 shekels ($121,429) each because they were sent to the Holot detention facility and held there for lengthy periods even though they were entitled to temporary resident status in Israel.

Thousands of asylum seekers at risk of losing their jobs in Israel after court ruling

Date: 18.9.17 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Government ministries and local governments are not permitted to employ asylum seekers from Eritrea or Sudan, the Supreme Court ruled last week, confirming what is already government policy and potentially prompting thousands of asylum seekers employed in cleaning and maintenance to l

High court upholds constitutionality of ‘anti-infiltration law’

Date: 11.8.15 Source: The Jerusalem Post
Court rules that the Knesset must come up with revisions to the bill within 6 months, and temporarily limits the length of detention at Holot to 12 months. By BEN HARTMAN

ASSAF and the Law & Education Policy Clinic of the University of Haifa Filed an Appeal Calling for the Registration of Asylum Seekers’ Children to Public Kindergartens

Date: 29.6.15

On Thursday, June 11, 2015, ASSAF- Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel, together with the Law and Education Policy Clinic of the University of Haifa filed an appeal against the Ministry of Education and the City of Kiryat Malachi, calling for the

Israel ignores court order on jailed refugee leader

Date: 3.6.15 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
Mutasim Ali's refugee status application has gone unaddressed for over 2.5 years - despite being backed by the UN's Refugee Agency.

High Court orders closure of detention facility for African asylum seekers

Date: 22.9.14 Source: Ilan Lior, Haaretz
Some 2,000 Eritreans and Sudanese are incarcerated in Holot 'open facility’ in Negev, which court rules must be shut within 90 days; court cancels amendment allowing incarceration without trial.

Abandonment routes

Date: 8.4.14 Source: Haaretz Editorial
The court must make it clear that it refuses to support Israel’s unacceptable policies toward asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers urges Supreme Court: Reject new infiltration law

Date: 30.3.14 Source: ynet, Itay Blumental
Hundreds of refugees and human rights activists protest in Tel Aviv, calling on the government to close down the two detention facilities in the Negev.

Israel Weighs Response to a Ruling Limiting Detentions of Migrants

Date: 17.9.13 Source: The New York Times
Israeli lawmakers grappled on Tuesday with new questions of how to deal with the tens of thousands of migrants from Africa who have entered the country illegally, now that Israel’s Supreme Court has overturned a law allowing the government to detain migrants and asylum seekers for up to. By ISABEL KERSHNER

High Court: Infiltrators cannot be held for 3 years

Date: 16.9.13 Source: Ynet
Court rules that change to infiltration law, allowing detention of infiltrators for three years without trial, is unconstitutional, in conflict with Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. Judges: Effects will be hard on residents of south Tel Aviv. By Aviel Magnezi


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