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Recognise us as refugees! African immigrants protest in Jerusalem

Date: 16.12.13 Source: Middle East Online, Lahav Junction
Hundreds of African illegal immigrants on Monday began a protest march to Jerusalem after fleeing a detention centre in the south where they were being held

Knesset okays detention of migrants without trial

Date: 10.12.13 Source: Haaretz, Jonathan Lis
MK Eli Yishai says during tumultuous plenum session that detaining African asylum seekers for one year is not enough: 'We need hot pursuit.'

Despite Supreme Court Ruling, New Anti-Infiltration Law Amendment will Detain Asylum Seekers Indefinitely

Date: 3.12.13

Two months after the High Court struck down an amendment that allowed Israel to imprison asylum seekers for up to three years without trial, the Knesset is on the verge of passing a new amendment, which will permit the incarceration of asylum seekers entering

Moral, economic and legal responsibilities of the Jewish state?

Date: 3.12.13 Source: The Jerusalem Post, Caylee Talpert
While we can’t fix the situation in their home countries, we can focus our energies on treating those already in Israel with the dignity that they deserve and that international law and our own Jewish tradition demands.

For Africans in Israel, Time for Justice

Date: 26.11.13 Source: Forward, Maya Paley
Israel’s High Court of Justice struck down Israel’s practice of indefinitely detaining many non-Jewish African asylum seekers without due process in September. The unanimous court ruled that this detention policy violated Israel’s Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty and ordered the government to assess the individual cases of the 1,750 detained asylum seekers for release by December 15.

Asylum seekers fear worse to come in Israel

Date: 23.11.13 Source: Aljazeera, Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
According to Orit Marom, advocacy coordinator at the Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ASSAF) in Tel Aviv, the government must improve the living conditions of the tens of thousands of asylum seekers already in Israel, rather than criminalise them.

Ministers move to detain migrants for a year without trial

Date: 17.11.13 Source: The Times of Israel, Stuart Winer
The cabinet on Sunday approved an amendment to a controversial bill that would allow the detention of migrants who have entered Israel illegally for up to a year without trial in closed-door detention centers, and for a much longer period in other, more open, facilities.

African Migrants Find An Uneasy Asylum In Israel

Date: 16.11.13 Source: WBUR, Emily Harris

The scissors never seem to stop in Sami's barber shop off a pedestrian street in south Tel Aviv.

Government looks to limit migrant incarceration period to 1.5 years

Date: 15.10.13 Source: Ynet
After High Court invalidates 'unconstitutional' amendment to Anti-Infiltration Law, Interior Minister Sa'ar is expected to propose limiting incarceration period for asylum seekers to year and a half. MK Shaked: Israel being taken over by labor migrants. By Omri Efraim

High Court: Infiltrators cannot be held for 3 years

Date: 16.9.13 Source: Ynet
Court rules that change to infiltration law, allowing detention of infiltrators for three years without trial, is unconstitutional, in conflict with Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. Judges: Effects will be hard on residents of south Tel Aviv. By Aviel Magnezi


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