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Holocaust survivors hand gift baskets to asylum seekers

Date: 17.3.14 Source: YNET, Omri Efraim
'We were also refugees': 20 elderly Holocaust survivors distribute water and Purim gift bags to hundreds of asylum seekers in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu aide asks watchdog to censor report on asylum seekers

Date: 17.3.14 Source: Haaretz, Ravit Hovel
State comptroller rejected request by Prime Minister’s Office as 'unnecessary.’

Rights group: Eritrean refugees regularly abducted in Egypt, Sudan

Date: 11.2.14 Source: Haaretz and The Associated Press
Human Rights Watch calls for crackdown on local officials who say are colluding with traffickers.

Asylum seekers' battle continues; refugees announce protest

Date: 3.2.14 Source: ynet, Omri Efraim
Asylum seekers announce they will protest in shifts in south Tel Aviv's Levinsky Park, starting from Saturday. 'Some people are tired, desperate, helpless upon seeing nothing is changing, but we still have strength to fight,' says activist

RYOT Report: Why are African Refugees Marching Through the Streets of Israel?

Date: 29.1.14 Source: RYOT News, Yardena Schwartz

Until about a month ago, you could be excused for having absolutely no idea about Israel’s African refugee problem. Even Israelis weren’t aware that there are nearly 55,000 of them living here.

The origins and politics of Israel's refugee debate

Date: 28.1.14 Source: +972 magazine, Michael Omer-Man
An in-depth look at the historical and political developments that shaped Israel’s current African asylum-seeker crisis — and one way to resolve it that meets Israel’s own needs while doing right by those who most need its protection

Dozens of activists reach out to Holot detainees

Date: 18.1.14 Source: YNET, Matti Siver
Activists for rights of asylum seekers visit Negev detention center, bring supplies, food, blankets, to express support to detainees

Limbo in the Levant

Date: 15.1.14 Source: The New York Times, Ghirmay Birhane

TEL AVIV — Six years ago, I fled to Israel from my native Eritrea, fearing for my life at home.

A week in photos: African asylum seekers strike for their rights

Date: 10.1.14 Source: +972 magazine
At the start of this week, African asylum seekers in Israel began a ‘Strike for Freedom,’ not showing up to their places of work and taking to the streets to make their demands: an end to detentions of asylum seekers and that the Israeli government individually examine their asylum claims. Tens of thousands marched to central Tel Aviv, foreign embassies and staged a protest outside the Knesset, ultimately declaring the strike open-ended.

UN: Israel immigration rules could breach intl. law

Date: 10.1.14 Source: PressTV
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says Israel’s new immigration rules could breach international law as they enable the indefinite detention of asylum-seekers.


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