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African asylum seekers

How Israel Tried to Dump African Refugees in Blood-drenched Dictatorships

Date: 25.12.20 Source: Haaretz, Gidi Weitz and Hilo Glazer

During the course of 2017, a series of explosive letters landed in the Defense Ministry. They were sent by Amnon Zichroni, one of Israel’s top lawyers, who has since died. The texts were polite, matter-of-fact.

Protection of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel (October 2020)

Date: 11.11.20 Source: ASSAF

ASSAF's submission to the US Department of State Human Rights report about the general situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel in 2020.

Some 80 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Israel Are Out of Work, Lack Health Insurance

Date: 26.10.20 Source: Haaretz, Lee Yaron

Almaz (not her real name) is a single mother of three who has been in Israel for a decade. She has long accustomed herself to the Deposit Law that garnished 20 percent of her salary, the lack of official status, health insurance and welfare services, and the racism at every turn.

Aid to refugees in Israel during Coronavirus Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has hard hit the asylum seekers community in Israel. Thousands have lost their livelihoods without being entitled to unemployment benefits. Accordingly, ASSAF is working so their plight is heard and addressed by the authorities, while providing the community with extensive psychosocial aid and support.

As coronavirus spreads, asylum seekers in Israel are on the brink of catastrophe

Date: 18.3.20 Source: +972 Mag, Oren Ziv

Asylum seekers in Israel are “on the brink of catastrophe” according to community members and activists, as the number of infections from the novel coronavirus in the country continues to climb.

Asylum Seekers in Israel - Situation Report (August 2019)

Date: 31.10.19 Source: ASSAF; The Refugee Rights Forum

Instead of using asylum seekers for political propaganda and exploiting the genuine plight of the residents of South Tel Aviv for the purpose of conflict with the Supreme Court, it is time to embrace humane, practical and worthwhile solutions.


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