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20 Years of Eritrean Independence without Human Rights

Date: 9.5.13 Source: Amnesty International

A Profound report by Amnesty about lack of Human Rights in Eritrea (English). "After 30 years of civil war in Ethiopia - Eritrea seceded and on 24 May 1993 was recognized

Amnesty Report on Sinai Torture Camps and Human Trafficking

Date: 1.4.13 Source: Amnesty International

Refugees and asylum-seekers are kidnapped, trafficked and tortured. Some of them reach Israel after succeeding in ransoming themselves or escaping. The Amnesty International report uncovers the torture trail (English)

Israel: No Place to Go

Date: 13.11.12 Source: AlJazeera
Can Isayas help protect fellow African refugees in Israel from violence, discrimination and an uncertain future?

An Open Letter to Israel: Eritreans are NOT Economic Refugees

Date: 4.6.12 Source: Tricia Redeker Hepner
An international expert on Eritrea, Dr. Trisha Redker Haffner in an open letter to the State of Israel: Eritreans are not migrant workers.

Eritrea - Oppression and Lifelong Military Drafting

Date: 1.1.12 Source: HRW

Report on human rights in Eritrea by the World Human Rights Watch (English)



Date: 22.6.11 Source: ASSAF
In June 2011 we published data collected during a 10-month research project on the experiences, needs and community structure of asylum-seekers from Sudan and Eritrea now living in Israel (English)


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