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World Report 2014: Eritrea

Date: 25.1.14 Source: Human Rights Watch
ritrea is among the most closed countries in the world; human rights conditions remain dismal.

Israel's immigration authority sends hundreds to new detention site

Date: 27.12.13 Source: Haaretz, Ilan Lior
fter Knesset authorizes immigration authority to seize and detain migrants, Eritrean refugees holding expired visas say they fear to leave their homes.

Israel says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it wants them to leave

Date: 21.12.13 Source: The Washington Post, William Booth and Ruth Eglas
The newly constructed “open facility” is designed to hold up to 3,300 illegal immigrants. It is not a prison, but not exactly a shelter, either. Residents will be required to answer roll call three times a day. They are not allowed to seek work. The facility is surrounded by a fence topped with spools of razor wire, and the migrants will be locked down at night.

The Country That's Never Had an Election

Date: 6.11.13 Source: Foreign Policy, by Tiffany Lynch
Eritrea, a country of roughly 6 million people on the Horn of Africa, is one of the world's most repressive states. There is no freedom of speech, press, or religion. Not a single election has been held since the country achieved independence two decades ago after a 30-year war with Ethiopia. Prolonged detention and torture are routine for any dissenters. And adults are forcibly conscripted mandatory military or national service that can last as long as the government decides.

Facts About Eritrea

Date: 5.8.13

Summary of the current situation in Eritrea -written by Eritrean community activists (Hebrew) 

Asylum seekers: We beg the Israeli government – protect us

Date: 28.7.13 Source: Ynet
Eritrean refugees hold press conference in protest of 'willful emigration' directive, allegedly allowing detained asylum seekers to leave voluntarily. 'In Israel they call it willful emigration, but with no alternative, there is nothing willful about it. To deport us to Eritrea is to sentence us to death,' migrant say. By Omri Efraim

WATCH: Eritrean refugee's shocking personal testimony

Date: 31.5.13 Source: 972MAGAZINE
Zabib Sultan, an asylum seeker from Eritrea who heads the Eritrean Women’s Community Center, shares a shocking testimony about her and other women’s experiences on their way to Israel. She gave her testimony during a meeting organized by Amnesty International and the ASSAF NGO on May 23, 2013

Escape From An Eritrean Prison

Date: 19.5.13 Source: NPR
A video interview with Kidanne Issac, an Eritrean asylum seeker in Israel


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