Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Humanitarian Aid

photo: Ori Bronfeld


Assaf believes in rendering support and empowerment systems accessible while acting to improve and promote policy, as tools for improving the lives of asylum-seekers and winning them rights. However, due to the harsh realities which leave vulnerable asylum-seekers without support or solutions, the Association is obliged to provide humanitarian support services.

An important service supplied by Assaf is the Fund for Economic Aid. Every month it allots financial aid to 15-20 refugees who are disabled, wounded, sick or undergoing  acute crisis states and unable to support themselves.

The aid is usually limited to several months until the refugee is able to return to independent functioning. We also accompany the recipients during recovery and reorganization.

An additional aspect of humanitarian aid is food parcels. Once a month we receive a supply of dry food from the Latet and Bet Sar Shalom organizations. We distribute them to families and individuals whose plight is acute in order to help them for several days until they can rally. The parcels also help consolidate support ties and help to bolster the connection, since giving out food has emotional value as it  acknowledges and validates the plight of the other.