Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Psychosocial Support

photo: Ori Bronfeld

The term refugee does not define identity; it describes circumstances. To be an individual asylum-seeker or refugee is not an indication of personality or ability. At ASSAF we encounter a wide variety of applicants, who differ from one another in many ways, and in the situations and challenges they face.

By constructing psycho-social programs and creating support apparatuses, ASSAF is developing various  forms of response to a wide spectrum of conditions, needs and: challenges: some applicants face the challenge of adapting to a new reality and building their present and future (i.e. finding work or studying); some, such as newcomers and families, wrestle with more complex challenges; others tackle more complicated problems such as physical disability. emotional problems, psychiatric disorders, post-traumatic symptoms etc.

Social and emotional responses are an inseparable component of the range of services the Association offers applicants, since ASSAF's psycho-social aid is based on a holistic outlook which cover various diverse aspects of the lives of asylum-seekers : social, emotional,  community-based and humanitarian. The range of services includes:

  • ongoing full intervention by a social worker
  • personal accompaniment of families
  • individual accompaniment and guidance
  • individual support for HIV-positive individuals
  • an advocacy and support center
  • legal information and reference
  • contact with support bodies and intervention with the authorities
  • referal to relevant support schemes in ASSAF

and more