Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel


photo: ASSAF

Employment is a vital factor in the ability of asylum-seekers to have a roof over their heads and lead a life of dignity in Israel.

Asylum-seekers are granted a temporary visa which is not a work permit and explicitly states that "this temporary permit does not constitute a work permit".

However, the State has undertaken before the High Court not to enforce the ban on employing asylum-seekers or to fine their employers. This policy has created conditions for exploitation of the asylum-seekers and has had a negative impact on the employment market in Israel, particularly with regard to unskilled labor (cleaning, building, agriculture etc).

Concomitantly, the State continues to bring in tens of thousands of migrant workers to work in agriculture, nursing and home care and construction, fields in which asylum-seekers could be absorbed without difficulty. In the absence of support systems and government aid, asylum-seekers are forced to work for whatever wage is offered and are a cheap and vulnerable labor force. The entry into the work marker of easily exploitable workers and the absence of effective enforcement measures have proved detrimental to Israeli workers as well.

It is incumbent on the Israeli government to regulate the granting of work permits for asylum-seekers, to protect their rights as workers and to encourage employers to employ them instead of importing new migrant workers from abroad.

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