Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Meet Our Team

The ASSAF Team

Social Worker Tali Ehrenthal, Executive Director

Emma Eytan, Resources Development Director

Adi Drori Avraham, Public Awareness and Advocacy Program Director

Orly Levinson-Sela, Public Awareness and Advocacy Program Coortinator

Inbal Ben Yehuda, New-Media Coordinator

Tali Almi, Volunteering and Community Relations Coordinator

Social Worker Sari Urim, Psychosocial Department Director

Yael Federman, Coordinator of the Advocacy and Support Center (ASC)

Solomon Gebreyohanes, ASC reception coordinator

Social Worker Michal Shechter , Coordinator of  the Support Program for Victims of Torture and Human Trafficking

Social Worker Miriam Mayer, Vulnerable Refugees Coordinator; Coordinator of the Support Program for people with disablities

Adi Shitrit, Youth Program Coordinator

Eden Tesfamariam, Translator and Community Mediator 

Hailemariam Hailu, Translator and Community Mediator

Hiwan Seyum, Translator and Community Mediator

Aster Nuguse, Translator and Community Mediator

Hila Gringras, Humanitarian Aid

Heliya Hasson, Office Manager 

Yael Keren, Finance

Eli Amun, Office Maintenance


Board Members

Roi Metzer (Chairman), Adv. Leah Miller Forstadt, Tali Kaminer, Jordan Rosenberg, Prof. Jerome Bourdon, Dr. Shani Bar Tuvia, Adv. Orit Oren

Board members' bios

Audit Committee

Dror Polak, Zvi Tropp



Most of Assaf's teamwork is based on volunteers. At present, there are more than 80 volunteers active in our various teams. Consequently, we attribute great importance to providing professional and personal guidance to each and every volunteer. Each  of them receives training, accompaniment and guidance before beginning to work and in the course of their work, in all our projects.