Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Refugees in Israel

Detention of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel

Date: 15.6.08 Source: Refugees' Rights Forum
This policy document is the product of a protracted work process by ASSAF and seven other organisations involved in the subject of asylum seekers in Israel.


Date: 1.6.08 Source: Refugees' Rights Forum
Refugees' Rights Forum's policy paper about the principle of non-refoulement of a person to a place in which he is expected to suffer danger to life, liberty, persecution or torture.

Principles for Protecting the Rights of Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Date: 1.6.08 Source: The Refugees' Rights Forum
A document written by the Refugees' Rights Forum (in which ASSAF is a member), which presents eleven basic principles for protecting the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

Refugees' Rights Forum's Principles

Date: 15.2.08 Source: Refugees' Rights Forum
Principles for protecting the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel.


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